Her goal: to become the fattest woman in the world…

If for many women, losing weight is the ultimate goal, this is not the case of Monica Riley who decided two years ago to embrace her curves and achieve a goal: to become the fattest woman. of the world. If at 27, her weight peaks at 318 kilos, she wishes not to stop on such a good path and go up to 450 kilos and become so big before her 32 that she will no longer be able to move, requiring the help of her friend to wash, eat and empty the contents of the toilet system that they will have built into the bed for the occasion.

In one day, she consumes about 8000 calories, more than four times the amount of calories needed for a person of her age who does not do any physical activity. Among his usual meals, there are in particular 30 chicken nuggets, 4 McChicken sandwiches, 4 double cheeseburgers, 3 liters of ice cream or even 6 sausages presented in bread to which he must also add a whole bunch of other elements including a drink made up of 3500 calories mixed with 45% fat cream that her boyfriend makes her drink using a pipe that looks like the one used for force-feeding geese.

In addition to cooking for her and feeding her all day, it is also her lover who turns her on her side when her belly of 230 cm in circumference is full or who takes pictures or videos of her for her many fans ( numbering 20,000) who pay to see her eat on the net. It is with this money that she pays for the food she eats.

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