Here are 15 cards that will change your perception of the world!

What better than a map to translate data relating to societal, economic and environmental phenomena? SciencePost looks back at the 15 most interesting world maps.

1/ The life expectancy map

Africa is the only continent where countries have an average life expectancy of less than 60 years. The lowest average life expectancy in the world was recorded in Sierra Leone (46 years) and the highest in Japan (84 years).

2/ The map of the safest countries for travelers

The safest countries for travelers include Europe and Oceania, but also America, excluding Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela. In Asia, Central Asian countries, China and Indonesia are considered safe. In Africa, on the other hand, few countries are safe for travellers, although they are located rather in the south of the continent (eg South Africa, Botswana).

3/ Map of the occurrence of terrorism

This map shows the countries where terrorist attacks are most to be feared, according to the various ministries of foreign affairs. It is possible to cite the northern part of the African continent, the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, Russia, Australia and Western Europe (France, Germany, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium) .

4/ The population density map

This map shows the most populated and emptyest places in the world, according to the UN Population Division. The highest densities (by country) are found in India, South Korea, Taiwan, Bangladesh and Lebanon.

5/ The alcohol consumption map

Who are the biggest alcohol consumers? Belarus is at the top of the ranking. Indeed, on average, each inhabitant consumes 17.5 liters of alcohol per year, the equivalent of 1750 glasses of vodka or 179 bottles of wine. Belarus is followed by Moldova, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and Romania.

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