Here are some strange situations that occur after love

The health benefits of sex are often cited, but there are some amazing things that happen after lovemaking. An American magazine looked into the matter and selected some of these particular moments.

Men’s magazine Men’s Health recently interviewed two experts: Irwin Goldstein, director of the San Diego Institute of Sexual Medicine and Jonathan Schiff, professor of urology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York.

Unlike women, it is impossible for a man to have multiple orgasms in a short period of time. Indeed, it is necessary to take a break in order to “recharge the batteries”. At the age of 20, five short minutes on average are enough to “get back to work”, after the nerves linked to the stimulation of this area have regenerated. On the other hand, after the age of 50, it is sometimes necessary to wait several days!

When the man is about to reach orgasm, an astonishing sensation can occur, namely a feeling of shrinkage of the testicles. This is caused by the cremaster muscle whose mission is to raise (or lower) the scrotum.

Acute pain in the penis may also occur. This is due to muscle contraction. No reason to be unduly alarmed as long as this pain does not last over time. In this case, it may be an infection of the urethra, prostate or testicles and a medical consultation is required. Urinating after sex can also be a painful act, so it is necessary to wait a while for the muscle to relax and regain tone.

Having foot cramps is not uncommon. Indeed, orgasm directly stimulates several nerves of the spinal cord, one of which is connected to the outer part of the foot, in short, to the little toe. Finally, having a sudden urge to sleep is also a common sensation. A few minutes after lovemaking, it is highly possible to have yawns and moments of drowsiness. This is due to the decrease in blood flow after orgasm as well as the strong release of endorphins just after ejaculation, a kind of morphine equivalent.

Source: Men’s Health – GQ Magazine

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