Home remedy for dry scalp and mask

How to moisturize a dry scalp?

Having a dry scalp is common in both women and men, and in young and old alike. Although it’s normal in itself, this dryness could still affect the health of your scalp and hair over time.

To remedy this hair problem, 10-Trucs presents 10 remedies and tips for a dry scalp lacking hydration.

1. Massage the scalp to activate circulation

The very first thing you can do to improve a dry, lack of moisture scalp is fingertip massage.

Indeed, by massaging your scalp with your fingertips, you can improve blood circulation and thus have a healthier scalp.

2. Space out shampoos and other hair products

It is certainly important to wash your hair well, but you should not overdo it. So avoid washing your hair too often!

If you wash your hair too often, you will dry out your scalp even more. It is therefore advisable to space your shampoos two days apart.

It is a simple solution to avoid having a dry scalp and also to avoid dandruff in the hair.

3. Use a moisturizing shampoo

If you have dry hair and a particularly fragile bottom of the head, it is better to use suitable hair products. As hydration is important it is best to buy products that are very hydrating.

So buying and using a moisturizing shampoo is always a good solution to treat a dry scalp. Do not hesitate to ask for advice to choose the most suitable shampoo for your hair.

4. Use black cumin oil if itchy

Do you ever have itchy scalp? Prolonged dryness can actually make the bottom of the head very uncomfortable, hence the importance of moisturizing it and providing specific care.

Black Seed Oil is a natural product that will help both dry hair and itchy scalp.

5. Apply plain yogurt

I know the feeling can be a bit peculiar, but natural yogurt has several benefits, including helping with dry skin.

Here’s how to use it for this trick:

  • Apply a little natural yogurt and massage your scalp well.
  • Wait 20 minutes and rinse your hair to remove all the yogurt.

6. Make a homemade mask with olive oil

There are many recipes for hair and face masks, but did you know that olive oil can be useful as a remedy?

  • Mix a little water with olive oil.
  • Warm the solution slightly and apply the mixture on the dry scalp.
  • Wait an hour or two and rinse your hair thoroughly.

This homemade mask recipe is very effective in moisturizing and healing a dry and lack of hydration scalp.

7. Apply shea butter

Shea butter is another ingredient that can be used to make a mask to heal a very dry scalp.

Indeed, this natural shea butter is excellent for reducing the effect of capillary dryness. You can therefore apply it a few times a month to prevent the bottom of the head from becoming too dry.

Shea butter can also be used on:

  • the face
  • nails
  • hands
  • the hair

To discover all the benefits of this 100% natural product and to purchase it, click on the button below:

8. Practical tips to avoid having a dry scalp:

Use gentle hair products

Soft and neutral hair products without alcohol will be preferred to take care of your scalp and your hair on a daily basis.

Avoid heating devices

These heated devices damage your hair and further dry out the scalp. It is therefore necessary to avoid the hair dryer, the straightening iron as well as the curling iron.

Protect your head from the sun

The sun also dries out your scalp. Therefore, always wear a hat when exposed.

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