homemade bowling game

Play bowling with your children with old plastic bottles!

Once again, Jill Dubien from the blog Meetthedubiens.com impresses us with her DIY bowling game. Discover below the photos and steps to make your own homemade bowling game!

You only need 10 plastic bottles, paint and a ball to make your first supply! Good luck and may the best win! ? ? ?

find plastic bottles

Whether it’s old soda or water bottles, you need to find 10 identical ones to craft your bowling game.

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Choose the color of your pins ?

Then just choose a different color for each of your pins. The end result will amaze your children!

painting skittles, painting bowling,

Paint the inside of the bottles

To paint the inside of the bottles, just put paint in the bottom and stir them to evenly distribute all the paint.

paint plastic bottle, paint plastic bottle,

A nice homemade bowling game!

There you go, you’re done making your own homemade bowling set! Now you have to find a ball to start your first game with your children!

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