How do I fill out an abundance check?

How to write an abundance check?

Do you believe in the power of thought and mind? If you like to test tips and remedies then the Abundance Check is for you.

Find below the steps needed to attract wealth into your life through the abundance check.

The first solution is to use a simple bank check, a check that you have in your passbook at home. Here’s how to fill it out:

  • Complete the check as usual, taking care to address it to yourself.
  • Where you should write the amount of money, write paid in full.
  • Sign the check by writing The Law of Abundance.

It is important to complete the abundance check on the day of the new moon and repeat the experience on occasion. It should attract wealth and abundance into your life.

This is what an abundance check looks like:

Sample Abundance Check

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2. An abundance check to print

There are also special checks designed specifically for this ritual of abundance. A visit to Pinterest will indeed allow you to find and print abundance checks for free.

In fact the only difference with a real bank check is that it is indicated Bank of the universe instead of the name of your real bank.

3. A check to attract the positive in your life

When we think of the abundance check the first thing that comes to mind is money, wealth but in reality it is much more than that

Indeed, if you take the time to make and fill out your own abundance check you could attract into your life:

  • a new job
  • a good health
  • real friends
  • a life partner
  • compliments and good words
  • interesting encounters

The abundance check allows you to attract all the positive you want in your life.

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How to write an abundance check

The abundance check is one way among many to have more money as you will discover in this other article: How to attract wealth?

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