How do I find a cell phone or landline number?

How to find a phone number? The phone number of a friend, a relative, a co-worker, a landline or a mobile number, it’s something easy and fast.

Indeed, it’s easy to find someone’s phone number if you know where to look! Here are some tips for finding a phone number.

1. Find a phone number with Yellow Pages

The first reflex that you should have to find the telephone number of someone, of an individual, is to consult the PagesJaunes site.

Find a person's phone number on

Once on the site, go to the PagesBlanches section and indicate the name of the person you are looking for and refine the search if possible with an address or at least the name of the town or region.

Mobile number or landline!

This tool, whether on the website or the PagesJaunes app, allows you to find a mobile number or even a home landline number.

2. Canada411 to find a phone number

Have you ever heard of the Canada 411 site?

If you are a visitor from Quebec or elsewhere in Canada then the site to visit to quickly find someone’s number is

Find a phone number with

Several tools and methods to find a phone number:

Indeed, the Canada 411 site allows you to find both a telephone number and a person’s address. You can search:

  • with the address of the person
  • with postal code only
  • by proximity (depending on where you are)
  • with the area code, etc.

Just like for the PagesJaunes site, this other tool allows you to find the telephone number or the mobile number of a person or a company.

3. Get someone’s number from social media

Social networks are another wonderful tool for finding a wealth of information about people including phone number.

The 3 main social networks that can help you get your hands on a phone number are Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Make a friend request to get started!

Then go for example to Linkedin or Facebook and search for the desired person. Make a friend or contact request and if she accepts, all you have to do is ask her for her mobile number in a private message.

4. Google to find a phone number

Have you tried searching for the mobile number directly in Google search?

Indeed, I invite you to try the experiment and therefore to indicate in the Google search bar the name of the person sought by also specifying the city or better his job, his profession.

Google My Business:

You could very well come across (following this search) the business listing of the person you are looking for in Google. You will thus have the address of the company as well as its telephone number.

Visit the website of the company where the person works:

If you are looking for the phone number of a company or the employee of any company, you can check if this company has a website or at least a Google sheet.

If so, multiple phone numbers should be displayed. See the company’s Contact page for phone numbers.

5. Contact the loved ones of the person sought

If it’s a former friend or classmate you’re trying to track down, make sure he’s sure his parents, family, or close friends know his new cell phone number.

So if you have an old phone number that could belong to his family or mutual friends, don’t hesitate and give it a try.

Launch an appeal to your community!

If you have a lot of friends on social networks, why not call everyone to find this phone number?

Of course, ask them to share the phone number with you privately so that you don’t show it to your entire community publicly.

If your wish is rather to look for someone in real life then this guide explains how to do it: How to find a person?

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