How do you warm up when you’re cold?

How do you warm up when you’re cold?

Tips for warming up the body

When you’re cold and you don’t have a heater nearby or you’re outside, you have to find a quick way to warm up! Fortunately, several techniques exist to stay warm.

Here are some practical and easy tips to warm up the body quickly.

If it’s cold in the house or you get chills just thinking about your cold sheets, here’s a simple trick to warm up before going to bed:

  1. Run some hot water over your hands and feet to warm them well.
  2. Dry yourself off quickly and run to your warm bed.
  3. Thanks to the warmth of the feet and hands, your duvet will turn into a very cozy cocoon.

It’s a simple and quick trick to warm up and spend a warm night. So if you are chilly and chilly, this is an infallible technique to test tonight.

2. Multiple layers of outdoor clothing

Regardless of the season, if you are cold when you go outside, it is better to wear several layers of clothing than just a big sweater for example.

What is the Onion Technique?

  • Like an onion, we superimpose layers of clothes.
  • Choose cotton clothes and underwear.
  • The hotter you are, the more layers of clothing you take off.

Cotton clothing allows the skin to breathe better and therefore sweat less than synthetic clothing.

3. Warm up with a hot drink

A quick and effective technique for warming up the body, both inside and out, is to drink a warm, comforting drink.

Here are some ideas for hot drinks to warm up this winter:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Tisane
  • Hot chocolate

Also take the opportunity to warm your hands on the coffee cup before taking your first sip.

4. Move to warm up

How do you want to warm yourself if you stay still, especially in winter outdoors. The less you move, the colder you get!

So the best thing to keep warm in winter is to stay on the move, to always be on the move. The simple act of hopping on the spot will help you activate blood circulation and therefore warm up your body.

This is also true inside!

Personally, I work at the computer and I got into the habit of getting up from my chair and moving around regularly. This simple habit allows me to feel much less cold, especially on cold winter days.

So pace, jump in place, dance, jog, jump rope, stretch, whatever, but get moving!

5. Take a hot bath to warm up

A simple and quick trick to warm up your body quickly is to take a good hot bath… But not too hot!

Ideal for increasing your body temperature!

Before a good night’s sleep, if you’re cold, nothing better than a hot bath. Once out of the bath, dry off quickly and sink into your bed sheets for a good night’s sleep.

You can of course opt for a hot shower if you prefer showering to bathing.

6. Other tips and tricks for warming up

Here is to finish Other tips and tricks to warm up quickly if you are cold:

Cuddle up to warm up: Body-to-body snuggling is a great way to warm up! So take the opportunity to bond with your lover or your lover.

Use a hot water bottle: The hot water bottle will help you stay warm. You can put it on your body or even slip it under your duvet at the level of cold little feet.

Buy an electric blanket: To keep you warm, it is certain that the electric blanket will be perfect for warming up at night.

Eat to be less cold: If your body lacks energy, it will be weaker and more tired and therefore less tolerant of cold. So eat and you will be less cold.

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