How much would it cost to live on the moon?

How much would it cost to live on the moon? The American studio Wendover Productions tried to estimate the costs by simulating the lives of four people sent to the Moon. And the least we can say is that it is not given.

Are you paying a lot of rent? In races? In leisure? Reassure yourself as best you can, telling yourself that it will always be cheaper than living on the Moon. A video produced by the American studios Wendover Productions simulates and accounts for the expenses incurred to send four humans to the Moon, creating a viable environment for a year, based on the technology imagined by the American space agency.

As you can see, it would take a total of about $36 billion, including $11 billion for space travel and the moon landing, and $24 billion for housing, energy supplies, and food. In other words, each second spent by Man on Earth’s satellite would cost 1138 dollars! Aim instead:

But that does not frighten governments, quite the contrary. The European Space Agency (ESA), for example, plans to send astronauts there in 2020. Russia and other private companies are also in the game.

Indeed, if living on the Moon would cost an arm and a leg, these missions will also open up many possibilities, in particular that of exploiting the natural resources available on the Moon, which would ultimately make the trip much less expensive, even profitable. Being based on the Moon could also facilitate space exploration thanks to the installation of a lunar base, acting as a relay point for future space missions.


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