How not to sweat armpits… or almost more?

How not to sweat armpits?

Underarm sweating is never pleasant. But it is still a normal phenomenon that is still possible to control. With a few very simple little tricks, you will see that it is possible to greatly reduce underarm perspiration.

10 Tips offers you today some good tips, products and without forgetting our grandmother’s remedies to stop armpit sweating once and for all!

Tips for not sweating armpits:

1. Talc for armpit sweat!

Talc is a natural product that is very effective against perspiration of the armpits but also of the feet and even against the perspiration of the hands. As the talc is very absorbent it allows to quickly control the humidity and the perspiration of the armpits among others.

Just apply one skin under the armpits every day to quickly see a difference in perspiration. Talc can even replace deodorant if you have more of it at home.

Be careful because Talc can occasionally stain certain clothes, especially dark clothes.

If your problem is rather sweaty palms, I recommend our other tips right here: Sweaty hands: grandmother’s remedy.

2. Cotton clothes so as not to sweat armpits

cotton clothes against perspiration in the armpits

Did you know that the material of your clothes is of great importance, especially if you are used to sweating a lot!

Of course, there are many nice pieces of clothing made of synthetic fibers, but if you sweat a lot under your arms, it is better to choose a cotton sweater, jumper or shirt.

Choose clothes made of natural fibres!

In fact, the important thing is to wear clothes made of natural fibers, so wool is another excellent choice to let the body breathe and thus avoid perspiration in the armpits. So when possible avoid clothing made of synthetic fibers.

This tip is a great way to reduce sweating in people with excessive underarm sweating.

It is also effective against foot sweating with cotton socks, for example. Come and discover this article: Sweat stockings and other remedies.

3. Stop sweating armpits with Alum stone

Have you ever heard of alum stone? If you are looking for a natural trick to stop sweaty armpits then this fragrance-free, paraben-free and aluminum chlorohydrate-free natural product is undoubtedly an excellent solution.

It is possible to obtain the alum stone in block but also in the form of a stick, like a real deodorant. 10 Tips offers you this Alum Stone which is very popular with Internet users:

Alum stone in stick

Alum stone in stick

  • Very effective natural deodorant
  • Fight against bad odors
  • Fight against excessive sweating

4. Shaving armpit hair so you don’t sweat…Really?

Shave armpits or not?

Men and women know that it is not necessary to shave armpit hair to stop sweating. Indeed, there is no real link between armpit sweat and body hair so forget about this tip.

If you sweat a lot, the bristles will help retain moisture and perspiration under the armpits to prevent sweat from running down the armpits and arms, for example.

On the other hand, if you don’t get into the habit of putting on deodorant and washing your armpits well, hair can unfortunately cause your armpits to smell bad… You have been warned!

5. An antiperspirant grandmother’s remedy

If you love grandmother’s remedies then how about concocting a baking soda remedy?

As baking soda is a natural product that helps stop the proliferation of bacteria, it can be excellent for controlling odors related to sweating in the armpits but also in the feet.

Here’s how to use baking soda for sweating:

  • Mix baking soda with a little water to form a sort of paste.
  • Apply to the armpits, rubbing gently with your hands.
  • You can also sprinkle a little baking soda on your deodorant and then apply it under your armpits.

6. An effective deodorant and antiperspirant

A really effective product for men and women who sweat a lot in the armpits is the sweat remover!

This product is recommended for those who perspire a lot because it helps regulate excessive underarm sweating.

If you want an effective and high quality antiperspirant then Etiaxil is an excellent choice. It is a deodorant against bad odors but above all a product to help regulate armpit perspiration effectively.

Underarm sweat remover

Underarm sweat remover

  • Regulates underarm perspiration
  • Prevents bad sweat odors
  • Without perfume, parabens or alcohol.

7. Good personal hygiene against perspiration

Have good hygiene so as not to sweat from the armpits

It may seem obvious, but it is extremely important to have good personal hygiene to precisely avoid the bad odors of sweat and perspiration of the armpits but also of the feet.

Wash your armpits well!

If you don’t take the time to wash your armpits well with soap at least once a day, you risk giving off a smell of perspiration. Once the armpits have been well washed, you must dry them well, especially if you have a lot of hair.

Once the washing of the armpits is finished, apply a good deodorant or even better alum stone or the antiperspirant product mentioned on this page.

8. Essential oil as anti perspiration

For those who suffer from excessive sweating know that cypress essential oil is a very effective natural remedy.

The best method for this trick is to drop a few drops of essential oil directly into the bath water.

10 drops is more than enough to see the beneficial effects of this natural remedy in the medium term on armpit sweating but also on foot sweating.

Be careful, this cypress essential oil should not be applied directly to the skin. This can cause redness especially if you have sensitive skin.

9. Do not eat foods that are too spicy

Be careful with spicy and too strong foods

It may seem like a trivial piece of advice, but did you know that spicy foods can significantly increase sweating in some people?

Indeed, spices but also onions and even garlic greatly promote sweating and therefore body perspiration.

This effect is most noticeable in men and women who already sweat a lot, no matter how active they are. So if you suffer from extreme sweating eliminate strong and spicy foods now.

If you sweat a lot you may see stains appear on your white clothes! Come and read our cleaning tips here: Remove a sweat stain.

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