How not to sweat hands?

How to stop sweating hands? Many people sweat in their feet and armpits, but many also sweat in their hands. And you, is hand sweating a problem?

Whether it’s natural, because of the heat or simply because of nervousness, it is quite possible and unfortunately uncomfortable to sweat from the hands. Our hands get clammy and damp and that’s hardly interesting. 10 Tips offers you in this article tips and tricks against sweaty hands.

Tips for not sweating your hands:

1. Stress and sweaty hands

Stress is often one of the primary causes of sweating and damp, sweaty hands. Indeed, stress causes in many people an increase in catecholamines which thus cause the appearance of perspiration, sweats and unfortunately sweaty hands.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to control your stress level, especially in awkward or embarrassing situations. It is therefore useful to have recourse to certain tricks to precisely avoid or at least control the perspiration of the hands.

10 Tips offers you below several natural tips and grandmother’s remedies that can certainly help you stop sweating hands… Or almost!

2. Alum stone to stop your hands sweating

If you suffer from excessive sweating in the hands and they are often moist and very wet, then there is an effective natural product. Indeed, have you ever heard of Alum Stone?

An antiperspirant for the hands!

This antiperspirant product based on aluminum chloride is really very effective against perspiration, even in the hands. Of course you can also use Alum Stone against perspiration of the feet and armpits.

Simply pass a little Alum Stone on your hands to reduce your hands sweating. Here is an Alum Stone at the best price:

If your feet sweat a lot too I suggest these other tips and tricks: Remedy for sweaty feet.

3. Clay powder against sweaty hands

If you often have sweaty hands during the day, you can simply rub them with a little powdered clay.

Indeed the powdered clay will act as a kind of natural antiperspirant when your hands become damp and sweaty.

If you don’t have powdered clay at home, you can also use talc or baking soda. In addition to being excellent against perspiration, these products will also help absorb bad odors, whether in the hands, armpits or feet.

If your problem is rather located in the armpits, I recommend these remedies: Tip for armpit sweating.

4. Epsom salt to stop sweaty hands

Do you know Epsom salt? Widely used for therapeutic and relaxing baths, Epsom salt is also very effective in controlling sweating of the hands, but also of the feet.

How to do a hand bath?

To do this, simply bathe your hands in hot water with 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt. Soak hands for 5 minutes and repeat once every week to successfully control hand sweat.

If you don’t have this natural product at home, here it is: (you can also use it to make a relaxing bath or even a foot bath)

Epsom salt

Epsom salt

  • High quality dead sea salt
  • Ideal for home baths
  • Soothes the skin

5. Use hand deodorant

There are deodorants designed especially for those who sweat a lot on their hands, but in reality it is possible to use any deodorant.

Indeed, you can use the deodorant that you use for the armpits directly on your hands. The feeling of a deodorant on your hands may not be very pleasant at first, but you will soon see a big difference in sweating and sweaty hands.

Simply apply the deodorant to your hands as soon as you wake up for maximum sweat control during the day at work or school.

6. Camphor for sweaty hands

Another home remedy to end or at least control sweaty hands is camphor oil. Do you know camphor oil?

To counter the perspiration of the hands it is thus enough to soak a cotton or a handkerchief of oil of camphor and to rub the hands.

This natural trick really helps to diminish the effect of sweaty and damp hands. You can also add a little sweet almond oil to the camphor oil to keep your hands soft and smooth.

7. Tea bag and sweat?

Do you ever start the day with a good tea? Well know that the used tea bag is another grandmother’s trick that seems really effective for those who have sweaty hands.

Once the tea bag has cooled, place it in your hand and close your hand over the bag and keep for about 15 to 20 minutes. As the tea is rich in tannic acid, the perspiration of the hands will be quickly eliminated or rather controlled.

8. Rub your hand with a lemon

Lemon is a widely used and popular food when it comes to concocting tips and home remedies. So there you have it, lemon can also be helpful in temporarily controlling and eliminating sweaty palms.

Here’s how to use lemon to stop sweating hands:

  • Cut a fresh lemon in half
  • Rub the lemon on the inside and the palm of the hand
  • Allow to air dry completely

This grandmother’s remedy is really effective against sweaty and wet hands. Are you going to test it tomorrow?

9. Boric acid as an antiperspirant

When we think of powdered boric acid we mainly think of sweaty feet, but it can also be effective for the hands.

Indeed, this natural product can also be used to control and reduce hand sweating and therefore sweaty hands.

Just sprinkle a small amount of boric acid on the hands and rub them to spread the powder well over the entire surface. Boric acid being an excellent anti odor and antiperspirant it is the ideal product to have at home or at work to avoid sweaty hands.

10. How to prevent sweaty hands

Before letting you go and test our many tips and tricks, we want to offer you a last one, cider vinegar.

Indeed cider vinegar helps to control and prevent the appearance of wet hands and sweaty hands.

Daily soak hands in a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water for 10-15 minutes to remove and prevent sweating. If you take the time to do this often you should see a noticeable difference in the hands. Of course this antiperspirant tip is also effective with the feet.

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