How to animate a wedding?

How to Host a Wedding CeremonyHow to properly host a wedding?

Animating a wedding of course requires several personal animation skills and good preparation. But it’s not impossible, even for you! Animating a wedding is done pretty well, you just have to follow the rhythm of the bride and groom, be both sweet and romantic and have a bit of humor and energy.

So whether to animate a wedding ceremony or the eveningyou’ll find a ton of handy stuff here.

1. Make a plan for the wedding party

How do you manage to host a wedding party if you have no plan, no preparation in advance? We are not talking here about a detailed plan in the smallest details but a plan of the different stages and part of the evening

A general plan of the evening with the stages, the sequences and everything else therefore remains a must to animate the wedding evening! Here are some important moments of a successful wedding evening:

  • Small cocktail before the arrival of the brides
  • The arrival of the bride and groom in the room
  • The wedding meal
  • The throwing of the bouquet and the famous garter
  • The wedding cake
  • The music and the dance party

A meeting with the newlyweds before the big day!

For a successful animation of the ceremony until the very end of the evening, it will necessarily be necessary to make some meetings with the bride and groom. You will need to plan the event logistics! A team meeting with the bride and groom and other collaborators must be planned in advance in order to make the wedding animation a success.

2. Equip yourself electronically

To successfully host a wedding, it is necessary to have a minimum of equipment. Whether for music or lighting, it is important to equip yourself. No need to buy all these electronic devices, you can borrow or rent them. There are many companies that specialize in the rental of party and wedding equipment.

Here are some ideas of devices and equipment to liven up a wedding:

  • A mic
  • Sound system with speakers
  • Lighting system
  • Karaoke system
  • Disco ball
  • Laptop

With all this equipment, the wedding entertainment will be a real success, that’s for sure!

3. Good music is important!

During your sequences and in the background during your animations, it would be good to have music. So either you arrange with the orchestra or the DJ or you plan the music yourself.

What would also be interesting is to have a very long list of songs and music in order to be able to make special requests throughout the evening. But the best is to entrust the music to a real DJ who will bring all his equipment to the event.

Quick tip: Spotify is an endless source of free music. Spotify is great for creating endless playlists for wedding entertainment!

4. Entertaining the crowd is the role of the host

The crowd will need to be amused and distracted during the wedding reception, it’s your role as entertainer to entertain the guests. You will have to provide them with a colorful animation so that everyone has fun, especially the bride and groom!

It is absolutely necessary to avoid downtime!

A wedding host should never let downtime occur in a party. You must always be prepared for the sequences as well as the possible technical problems throughout the reception and the wedding evening.

Involve the crowd during the evening!

You can also involve the crowd by having them participate in games, testimonials or speeches, among other things. It is always a very good idea to liven up a wedding and occupy the quieter moments.

5. Plan games and dances

Some bride and groom will like that there are certain sets of circumstances during this special evening. You will therefore have to find some that go well with the bride and groom and their guests.

Here are some popular and easy to host wedding game ideas:

  • The music chair, a classic and still fun
  • A dance competition as a couple or not
  • A wedding quiz
  • The Garter Games, another classic
  • Cinderella’s game
  • Limbo, a fun game later in the evening ?
  • Karaoke, always great fun

6. Hire a professional for the animation of a wedding!

If the thought of hosting the wedding ceremony makes you uncomfortable and stressed then why not hire a professional entertainer!

Indeed, there are many companies and many entertainment professionals who can animate, but also organize each of the important stages of a wedding.

Event companies can take care of everything:

  • Animation and entertainment throughout the wedding ceremony.
  • Music and games to entertain guests.
  • Lighting and sound as needed.
  • Photos and videos to keep beautiful memories of the wedding.

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