How to avoid unnecessary expenses?

How to avoid unnecessary expenses?

Today’s society spends lavishly! The real problem is that she does not only spend on essential things, but also (and above all) on useless but really useless things! You know the art of spending to spend!

So are you one of those people who spend for nothing? 10-Trucs presents below the top unnecessary expenses that people make!

Unnecessary expenses that are easy to avoid:

1. Don’t waste your money on warranties

Ask yourself if the warranties being sold are really worth the expense. Indeed, some of these guarantees are not worth the expense, so be alert, especially in the field of electronics.

As soon as we buy an electronic device such as a television, headphones or a computer, we are offered an extended warranty. The problem is that the price to adhere to this guarantee sometimes represents up to 1/3 of the price of the object, which is clearly too high!

Find out before you spend on an extended warranty because the majority of devices already come with a warranty from the manufacturer.

2. Loto tickets, a USELESS expense to avoid

Do you have a bad habit of spending on one or more lotto tickets every week?

Knowing the minimal chances you have of winning a large amount of money at the Lotto this expense is totally useless… The Lotto is therefore to be avoided if you want to save money every week!

The chances of winning are so slim in the lottery, is it really worth spending so much money…NO!

3. Don’t buy the latest model phone!

Are you one of those who constantly change electronic devices or phones as soon as a new model hits the shelves?

Since they release new models every year (both for game consoles and phones for example) you may be tempted to switch to the brand new model!

This is an unnecessary expense that you absolutely must avoid now... Control yourself and instead keep your phone for another year to save money.

4. Slot machines are no!

Slot machines present in certain establishments and even online can make you lose a lot of money!

In fact anything related to casinos will make you lose money, lots of money! So avoid this totally unnecessary expense!

5. The restaurant coffee you order every day!

Instead of spending 4 euros (minimum) a day for a simple coffee, make your own coffee at home and buy a thermos to bring your coffee with you.

A little trick that can easily save 10 to 20 euros every week and even more for some people.

6. The newspaper… Another useless expense

Newspapers end up being expensive! If we calculate the amount spent for example over a full year, this can represent a lot of money.

You have internet at home and at work so why spend even more to buy the newspaper? Just read the news on your phone or tablet, simply!

7. Cigarettes… An expense to avoid!

Are you one of those who still smoke cigarettes? I don’t want to lecture you, but you know how harmful smoking is to your health and the health of the people around you, so why not stop smoking?

In addition to being very bad for your health, cigarettes are very expensive. If you are a smoker, this is certainly the most useless expense to eliminate, as quickly as possible.

8. Landline

Do you pay for a mobile plan? Many people have a mobile phone, so why continue to pay monthly for the home phone?

A fixed line plan can cost more than 20 euros depending on the options so imagine how much you will save by canceling this monthly plan!?

9. Stop spending on restaurants!

For those who work outside the home, the temptation can be strong to go eat in a restaurant with co-workers, can’t it?

It is very expensive to eat out every day or even once a week. Better to make your lunch in the morning when you get out of bed and thus save a lot of money each week!

10. Cut in parking lots

Parking ends up being very expensive! It is better to evaluate your options whether it is the bicycle or public transport.

Metro, bus, parking meters, trains… It is important to calculate well to be sure that it does not equal the same price or even more!

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