How to become a professional dancer?

How to become a professional dancer?

Dance is a form of body art that many people hold dear, both women and men. To become a professional dancer, it is not enough to know how to dance well. You have to know all the techniques and you have to be able to stand out from the other dance “pros”.

10-Trucs offers you in this article tips and practical advice to help you achieve this dream of becoming a professional dancer.

1. Start dancing as soon as possible

To make a career in professional dance, it is of course important to start at the youngest possible age (but it is not an obligation either).

Many private schools or even conservatories exist to teach young women the basics of classical dance.

Learn to dance as young as possible

The earlier you start dancing, the more your body will blossom and become familiar with the techniques and naturalness of the dance.

The Paris Opera dance school is certainly one of the most prestigious dance schools. Visit the school’s website: National Opera of Paris.

2. Start with classical dance

If you want to become a dancer or a professional dancer, it is good to be able to master different kinds of dances.

In fgeneral, the first dance that is good to practice and learn is classical dance.

Then you can direct your future dance choices to something else or to the type of dance that really interests you the most.

3. Practice, practice and practice!

Dance is a discipline, a lifestyle, the practice of which then becomes extremely important to become a professional and recognized dancer.

It will therefore be necessary to completely integrate dance into your way of life, into your daily life. You can’t just practice once in a while to hope to break into the industry.

You must practice, work and perfect your techniques, your learning and your achievements. That’s being a “real” dancer.

4. Do more than dance

Learn about dance all the time, not just with practice. Learn about this world of dance.

  • Read and watch reports
  • See documentaries
  • Watch movies
  • Browse job offers
  • Find the right schools
  • Exchange with other professional dancers
  • Talk to dance teachers

We must always stay on the lookout for new trends and what is happening in the world of dance around the world.

5. Learn multiple dance styles

Don’t limit yourself to just one kind of dance. Explore as much as possible. Add several strings to your bow to maximize the chances of being hired as a professional dancer and dancer.

It is therefore necessary to be versatile and on the lookout for old and new dance styles.

Learn multiple dance styles

6. Take care of yourself

To put so much energy into a future career as a dancer, you need to have a strong and healthy body.

Your body will be the tool that will be constantly used day after day to succeed in this great dance career that you dream of so much.

Eat well, sleep well, get plenty of exercise and avoid alcohol, drugs and cigarettes.

7. Capture all possible experiences

To become a professional dancer, you will certainly have to dance well, but also be comfortable in front of an audience and on a stage.

From an early age, take every opportunity to participate in dance events.

  • Shows
  • Competition
  • Figures

You absolutely have to seize everything as an opportunity, all these types of events are excellent for your personal and professional experience. And it will also be a « plus » on your curriculum vitae.

8. Open heart and mind to dance

It is good to be able to master all possible known dances. But it is also important to know how to trust your heart and your instincts.

Dance is an extension of its heart and among it you have to improvise, create and let your passion find its way to creation.

Be imaginative, creative and develop new forms and expressions of dance yourself.

9. Audition as much as possible

Do you have dance engraved in your heart? Start learning and mastering it very early. Enroll in a good dance school and go for skills and diplomas.

Then audition as much as you can. Breaking into the dance world professionally isn’t always easy so you have to stand out and impose yourself!

Audition everywhere! Be seen and heard!

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