How to break a flu quickly?

How to break a flu quickly?

Grandma's remedy for the flu

And yes, flu season is already coming! Runny nose, cough, headache, fatigue and so on. Fortunately, a few tips and tricks can help you get better faster.

Dad of 2 boys, I have no right to be sick ?! Here are some grandma’s tips and remedies for the flu. Good luck!

1. Break the Flu Naturally with Oil of Oregano

Oregano oil to naturally break the flu

My wife loves oil of oregano, in fact she is convinced that it helps to quickly break various ailments, such as colds and flu. I have to admit it seems to work, or at least help calm the unpleasant symptoms.

Here is how to use this oregano oil:

  1. Pour a few drops of oregano oil in a glass of water.
  2. Quickly drink all the liquid and drink a second glass of water.
  3. Repeat for a few days for natural flu relief.

As this remedy tastes very bad, you can also dilute this oil of oregano with honey.

2. Echinacea against the flu

Echinacea remedy for the flu

If you are looking for a natural and effective flu remedy then you should definitely try echinacea. This is arguably one of the most popular home remedies to help fight the flu and colds.

Here’s how to use it against the flu:

  • In healing mode: Take 20 to 30 drops of echinacea 2 to 3 times a day.
  • In prevention mode: Take 10 drops of echinacea daily before flu season arrives (October or November)

Echinacea does not « cure » the flu or colds, but the symptoms should be much less strong thanks to this plant.

3. Natural remedy based on garlic and onion

Garlic and onions against the flu

Garlic is a food to be favored to fight or rather to avoid getting even more sick. Our grandmothers loved using garlic against the flu and other winter ailments.

You can also eat onions instead of garlic. On the other hand, you will have to eat even more compared to garlic.

These 2 foods will help fight infections and especially strengthen your immune system. If you like the taste of garlic and onion then eat it in quantity to prevent flu and colds this winter.

4. Grandma’s ginger recipe

Natural ginger remedy for the flu

Ginger is also very effective in relieving flu symptoms. Here’s how to make this grandmother’s recipe:

  1. Heat 1 cup of water in a saucepan.
  2. Cut 4 slices of fresh ginger and add them to the water.
  3. Add 2 slices of fresh lemon to the mixture.
  4. Simmer in boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes.
  5. Let cool and drink the solution.

You can also add fresh ginger to your dishes and meals. In addition to being good tasting, ginger will help reduce flu symptoms.

5. Elderberry juice against the flu

Recipe against the flu with elderberry juice

Did you know that black elderberry was considered by many to be one of the best natural remedies to break the flu? In addition to helping against the flu, black elderberry can also be consumed to prevent colds.

You can consume black elderberry in the form of berries, but also flowers. And why not make a juice with the berries or an infusion with the dried flowers.

6. Eucalyptus to relieve the flu naturally

An infusion of eucalyptus against the flu

Another grandma’s flu trick to try is eucalyptus! In fact, eucalyptus will help soothe sore throats and naturally calm coughs.

Here is the best method to use eucalyptus against the flu:

  1. Infuse eucalyptus leaves (3 to 4g) in 1 cup of boiling water.
  2. Steep for ten minutes and let cool.
  3. Drink this solution 2x / day to quickly feel better.

7. Essential oils against the flu

Essential oils against the flu

When I was little my mom used to apply a “Vicks” type ointment to my neck, chest and back to help calm my cough and stop my runny nose from colds or flu.

But rather than using this ointment, you can use these essential oils:

  • Lemon essential oil
  • Garlic essential oil
  • Cinnamon essential oil
  • Vegetable oil of your choice

Mix all these essential oils well and do a massage every day to naturally calm the symptoms.

8. Fight the flu with honey

Hot milk and honey against the flu

A remedy that I personally use at home to soothe unpleasant flu symptoms such as sore throat and cough is honey.

  1. Heat some milk and add a tablespoon of honey.
  2. Drink a glass of this solution 2-3 times a day to feel better.

You can also take a tablespoon of honey and lemon juice several times a day. The taste isn’t great, but it’s a great flu remedy.

9. Rest to regain strength

Rest to gain strength

It may seem like a simplistic trick, but how do you regain your strength if you don’t take the time to rest.

As you know, there is no cure for the flu. We just have to wait for it to pass. And for it to pass faster, you must first and foremost rest.

From the first symptoms of the flu, rest, take care of yourself. I know it’s not always easy to do, especially with children at home, but you have no choice, rest is necessary.

10. What are the symptoms of the flu?

The flu is very often confused with the common cold because many symptoms are the same. On the other hand, it is not quite the same thing and it is certain that the flu will be much more aggressive than a simple cold.

Here are the main symptoms of the flu:

  • Fever and flu: You will probably have a fever for 1 or 2 days if you have the flu (maybe even up to 5 days).
  • Body aches… Unfortunately yes!: For the first few days, you will feel sore and your body will be generally sore. The flu is nothing like a simple cold!
  • Runny nose (or the opposite of nasal congestion): And yes! You will need to keep tissues close to you as your nose will run a lot. And if not, your nostrils will be congested!
  • Sneezing: Chances are you’ll sneeze a lot if you catch the flu, especially at the start!
  • From a dry cough to begin with: Your throat will itch and you will cough easily. The cough could last for several weeks even!
  • Headaches and flu: If you have the flu you will have a headache and this pain could go away, come back, and so on…
  • A lack of appetite: Having the flu will make you less hungry and that’s normal. Do not forget to drink plenty of water or consume hot broths.
  • Tiredness: You will of course be tired and your whole body will be rather weak at first if you have just had the flu. You will need plenty of rest and patience as only time will fix things.
  • Sweating, another flu symptom: Because of the infection and the fever, you will have sweats so do not hesitate to uncover yourself to fight the fever.
  • Nausea and diarrhea: In some cases you may have nausea and diarrhea, but it is usually more children who have these symptoms with the flu.

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