How to buy a cheap plane ticket?

Find a cheap plane flight onlineWhere can I find the cheapest plane ticket possible? Traveling for pleasure or business is always something fun to do. On the other hand, nothing is free and this is particularly the case for plane tickets.

In the absence of having to pay a lot for hotels, rental cars, restaurants and small pleasures, it would be good to be able to at least save on the price of plane tickets, wouldn’t it!

I present to you today on 10-Trucs des tips, tricks and sites to find a cheap flight to the destination of your choice!

1. Google Flights trick for a cheap flight

Google you know? Joking aside, Google launched its excellent Google Flight service a few years ago. As a whole it is not so different from other online ticket and travel comparators, but a function is hidden in it: Prices Tracked.

Follow prices to buy at the best price!

In fact, if for example you are looking for a plane ticket from Paris to Montreal or other destinations for this fall, Google Flight allows you to follow the prices.

So over the days, weeks and months before your trip, you will be able to follow the evolution of prices in order to find the best time to buy cheap tickets or at least at a better price.

A price chart to buy your plane ticket at the best price!

Another beneficial trick lurks on Google Flights! Indeed, if you simply want to know the time of the year when it is the most economical to buy a plane ticket, you can also find out with Google Flights. Just run a search and select the price chart.

Example for a Paris New York trip by plane:

Ticket prices for Paris New York by plane
Easy to read chart to find the best price for an airline flight from Paris to New York.

You will quickly see the most advantageous weeks and months to buy plane tickets for this or that other travel destination around the world.

Visit to start your flight ticket search!

2. When is the best time to buy a plane ticket?

If you are looking for the best price for the purchase of a plane ticket then you must also be flexible as to the date of your departure.

Going on a trip in January (after the Christmas holidays)

Indeed, did you know that the months of January and February are the best months of the year to travel cheap to different travel destinations?

September and October are also good times during the year when plane tickets are generally cheaper.

Traveling during the holidays is much more expensive!

Depending on the season, plane flights may also cost more. For example, in summer plane tickets will often be more expensive than in winter.

On the other hand, the periods of holidays, parties or public holidays will also be much more expensive for the purchase of plane tickets than at other quieter times.

3. Flight and plane ticket comparators

Plane flight comparators are to be visited and consulted regularly to succeed in saving money and finding cheap plane tickets!

There are many online flight comparators that you can use to find the best prices. Here are some popular flight comparators:

  • : Certainly the most popular and efficient comparator for finding the cheapest possible plane ticket.
  • : Another very popular flight comparator very user friendly which allows you to compare the price of plane tickets from a multitude of companies.
  • : Ideal for comparing and finding the cheapest airline flight quickly and easily to major travel destinations around the world.
  • : Perfect for quickly and easily comparing the best airlines and finding flights at the best price.

All these airline flight price comparators are also available for other countries such as Canada, just add the .ca extension instead of .fr!

4. A plane flight with a stopover to pay less

If waiting at airports is not a problem for you then a plane flight with a stopover may be a good tip to save on the purchase of tickets.

Save hundreds of dollars!

Indeed, a flight with a stopover can save you a few hundred euros on the purchase of tickets depending on the destination and the airline.

Of course, take the time to check the length of the layover, as the wait at an airport can be long. It is also better to limit yourself to a single stopover, especially if you are leaving for a short stay.

5. Buy in advance or last minute plane tickets?

According to specialized travel sites, buying last minute can be more advantageous than buying plane tickets in advance.

But in reality, it is much more complex and complicated now to determine the best time to buy a plane ticket at the lowest possible price.

5 or 10 years ago this last minute tactic for a cheap trip to a sunny destination was much easier than today.

A personal advice to buy at the best price:

Personally, during our last trips to Caro and I, we compared prices on various online travel agency sites several months before leaving. We averaged the prices of flight tickets or travel packages and determined the price we wanted to pay.

Buy at the price you want to pay!

So as soon as the price reached the price we had set for the plane flight and or the all-inclusive package, we simply bought it. Of course the price can still go down (but it can also go up) in the days and weeks to come. You have to make a choice based on your risk tolerance.

6. Buying a cheap plane ticket is easy!

Alright now let’s get down to business! Do you want to know the secret to buying the cheapest plane ticket possible or even a sun trip package at the best price?

And the secret to cheap travel is… Be ready to travel at any time!

Indeed, if nothing keeps you at home and you like to travel a lot alone or as a couple, then you now have the best option to find an airplane flight at the best possible price!

So to sum up, here are the important points to put into action to travel cheap to different travel destinations:

  • Book your travel package at the right time.
  • Travel out of season to save money.
  • Use websites and flight comparators to compare and find the best prices.
  • Be as flexible as possible regarding the date of departure and return.
  • Buy your plane ticket at the last minute.
  • Buy a plane ticket with a layover to save.
  • Check price trends with Google Flight.

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