How to change style and look?

How to change style and look?

How to change style?

Changing your look for a woman or a man is sometimes necessary. You want to change your hairstyle, your haircut, your style of clothing… But how do you change your style?

Here are some of my best tips and tricks to help you change your look!

1. Change your wardrobe to change your look

To change your look, it is certain that changing your style of dress is a good start. To do this, you must first find what style really appeals to you. No need to go into a dress style that you don’t like just to please and be like everyone else.

A small change for a completely different look!

You can choose a totally different style or even keep the same look as you have now, but by changing the colors or the cut of the clothes. Sometimes it takes little change to make a difference. Modify your style and dare!

Video: 10 basics to have in your wardrobe:

2. Change her makeup for a different look

Make-up is another important element to consider for those who want to do a complete makeover. Whether you are a 50-year-old woman or a young 20-year-old woman, there are a thousand and one possibilities and tips for changing your makeup.

Why change your makeup routine?

Once we have found what suits us well, why change it you say to yourself!? Trying new colors, shades and products can be a world of good and an easy do-it-yourself style change at home.

If you wear very little makeup, then dare a little more color. Feel free to accentuate other parts of your face, be it eyes, cheekbones, lips, etc. If you tend to always wear good makeup with very showy colors, try the more natural tones now.

3. Change hairstyle and haircut

If you are looking for the best trick to change your appearance and style then the change of hairstyle and haircut is THE solution!

  • You have long hair, why not cut it.
  • Your hair is straight, curl it.
  • You have a short cut, and well ask extensions.
  • Your hair is dull, change colors.
  • Your hair is fine and flat, add volume.
  • Add streaks or better change hair color.

Changing cut and hairstyle, but also hair colors is the best trick to change appearance and style quickly!

Video: Hairstyle transformation on long hair and short hair:

4. Use accessories to change your look

In addition to clothes, hair and makeup, the choice of accessories you wear is important if you want to change your style and your look.

Wear accessories to change her dress look for a woman

A multitude of accessories and objects can help you change your look.

  • The belt
  • the earrings
  • Handbag
  • the watch
  • glasses
  • the bracelet
  • the ring
  • the scarf
  • necklace
  • hat
  • hair accessories

Simple accessories can make a big difference to your overall style.

5. Change your shoes for a different style

Just like with fashion clothes and accessories, shoes adapt to the style and can therefore give a totally different look depending on the model chosen.

Want to be taller and leaner? High-heeled shoes will help you. Want a sportier look? Running shoes will be perfect!

What style of shoes to choose?

Every look has its shoe! Traditional look, classic, sporty, sexy, natural, western, punk, gothic, etc…

6. Glasses to give yourself style!

Glasses are a favorite fashion accessory for women and men who want to change their look quickly.

Whether it’s sunglasses or glasses for sight, there is an incalculable choice of colors, styles and different frames.

Change your glasses to change your look

Even if you don’t need glasses to see and read well, there are models without any strength, ideal for giving yourself a totally different look and style at a low price.

7. Find ideas online

The Internet is full of sites and web portals that can help you find and change your look! Personally, I love finding hairstyle, fashion and makeup ideas on Instagram or on Youtube for more complete tutorials.

Whether you are a man or a woman, young or old, you will find a multitude of ideas to change your dress style, your hairstyle and much more online.

I also suggest that you visit our Beauty Tips Section on our site You will find tips and tricks on how to change your hairstyle, how to do your makeup well, how to refine your silhouette and much more!

8. Ask her friends for advice

It is good sometimes to ask the opinion of others. We don’t see ourselves as others see us. The people around us, friends and family, see us in real time, in motion, from all angles and all profiles.

We only see ourselves through the mirror. To be sure not to make mistakes, it is better to seek advice before completely changing its look and appearance.

9. Use makeover software

Several makeover software exist. This software allows you to use your own photo to try out new hairstyles as well as new make-up.

You will find free makeover software on these sites:


You can also download hairstyle app on your Android and IOS phone. Just run a search on the app store looking for Free Makeover Phrases.

10. Are you really ready to change your look?

To change your look and appearance, you have to be ready to wake up the next morning with a new person in front of the mirror. Of course, I speak for those who wish to completely change their look (hairstyle, clothing, makeup, haircut, etc.).

So you have to feel ready for something new and see it as a change that will do a lot of good for both morale and self-esteem. It feels good to change your look on occasion!

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