How to clean a day night roller blind and other blinds

How to clean blinds at home? Roller blinds, vertical or horizontal, are an excellent choice of window coverings in addition to helping to preserve privacy day and night.

But maintaining and cleaning blinds is more complicated than washing simple curtains. 10-Trucs therefore presents some good tips and tricks for cleaning blinds of all kinds.

The roller blind is very popular and will remain so for a very long time, especially since the day and night blind is increasing its popularity. But here is the question, how do you clean a roller blind?

To clean a fabric roller blind (day night type for example):

  • To remove surface dust and dirt, you can use the vacuum cleaner with a soft, flexible bristle nozzle so as not to damage the fabric blind. However, make sure that the tip is clean, very clean so as not to leave marks on the blind.
  • To remove stains you can use a soft, flexible brush to clean the blind. A little lukewarm water with a detergent is enough to clean a fabric day-night roller blind.

Be careful to use a flexible and soft brush only so as not to damage, scratch or puncture the fabric blind.

Do you have a hand vacuum at home?

Rather than taking out the central vacuum you can simply use a hand vacuum to clean and remove dust from fabric, canvas, wood, PVC or other material blinds. Here is a very popular one for France and Quebec:

2. Clean blinds with soapy water

Are you looking for the best solution to wash venetian blinds or other blinds with aluminum or pvc slats? If you notice dirt, dust and stains on PVC or aluminum blinds, soapy water is the solution to clean everything.

Simply soapy water!

Just use a cloth, a soft brush or a sponge with lukewarm, slightly soapy water to start cleaning the blinds. You can also remove the blind from the window and just soak it in the bath with warm soapy water.

It is important to use cold or lukewarm water only because water that is too hot can damage aluminum, PVC or other delicate material blind slats.

3. Dust a blind with a hair dryer ?

Remove dust from blinds with a hair dryer

To avoid spreading dirt and dust on the slats of blinds with a line or a brush for example, you can use a hair dryer instead.

And yes, unlike the vacuum cleaner which can suck dust on the blinds, the hair dryer will remove and push dust and dirt away from the slats. The advantage of the hair dryer is that there is no contact with the slats so there is no danger of staining the blinds even more.

So if you’re thinking more of a temporary dusting, the lukewarm air from the hair dryer will be enough to perform a quick, last-minute cleaning of vertical or horizontal blinds.

The hair dryer is an effective and quick tip for dusting aluminum and pvc blind slats.

4. Clean blinds with wooden slats

Wood blinds will benefit from being cleaned with a feather duster or a slightly dampened microfiber cloth. If you just want to dust the wood slats then the duster is more than adequate.

Use a microfiber cloth to dust!

If you don’t mind dusting and cleaning the wooden slats, then a microfiber cloth with slightly soapy water is a good idea. Of course you can also use the vacuum cleaner or the hair dryer (set to cold air) to quickly remove dust from the blinds.

Whether it is to clean a wooden Venetian blind or a bamboo blind, here are microfiber cloths offered at a low price:

Set of 10 microfiber cloths

Set of 10 microfiber cloths

  • Ultra soft cloth that won’t scratch any surface.
  • Ideal for wood or aluminum slats in blinds.
  • For a scratch and lint free result.

5. Clean and maintain a Roman blind

Do you have roman blinds at home? This type of fabric blind is very easy to maintain. Most often, the fabric is simply attached using a « velcro » style ribbon or self-gripping if you prefer.

Wash Roman blinds in the washing machine!?

So just remove it and read the cleaning instructions to clean everything in the washing machine, quite simply. It is still necessary to check the type of fabric used for the Roman blind so as not to damage it during cleaning in the washing machine.

If you don’t want to risk damaging the fabric of the curtain in the washing machine then why not just hand wash the curtain, right in the tub.

6. Water and vinegar recipe for cleaning blinds

Homemade recipe for cleaning blinds

If you like to test grandmother’s recipes, here is one for cleaning aluminum or pvc slats using white vinegar.

  • Mix 2 cups water with 1/2 cup vinegar in a spray bottle
  • Spray the solution on a microfiber cloth or directly on the blind slats and clean well
  • Use another soft, dry cloth to dry and polish the slats

You can use vinegar for a multitude of household chores around the house. It’s a super clean 100% natural!

8. The magic of dryer sheets

Another miraculous trick to remove and prevent dust on blind slats is the fabric softener sheet… Yes yes it works very well!

Rub the blind slats with a fabric softener!

Indeed, you can prevent the accumulation of dust on your blinds and greatly facilitate the next cleaning operation by rubbing the slats one by one with a fabric softener sheet. This will prevent static and keep dust away from your blinds.

A real dust barrier!

You can also use the dryer sheets to prevent dust from landing on the TV screen, computer screen, tablet screen or even phone screen.

9. A quick blind cleaning

If you just want a routine cleaning, so less thorough than a major cleaning, you can get a small special brush.

Indeed, here is a brush specially designed for dusting blinds but also air and ventilation hatches in the house and car.

Blind cleaning brush

Blind cleaning brush

  • Microfiber brush for quickly cleaning and dusting blinds.
  • Made of microfiber and can be machine washed.

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