How to clean a fryer and degrease it well?

How to wash a fryer? Since fat sticks easily to the fryer, it is important to clean it well, as often as possible. Of course, it’s a task that we don’t like very much, but that can still be done easily.

To help you, 10-Trucs offers you 10 practical tips for cleaning a fryer.

1. Regularly clean the fryer

To prevent the fryer from becoming too greasy, it must be cleaned before each change of vegetable oil. And above all, don’t forget to change your fryer oil regularly to ensure that your fries are perfectly cooked.

So when should you change the oil in your fryer?

Depending on the model you have at home, it is suggested to change the fryer oil after 8 to 10 uses.

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2. Soapy water to wash a fryer

The first simple and free tip is simply to use water and liquid dish soap!

Here’s how:

  • Pour boiled water into your fryer, adding a few drops of liquid dish soap.
  • Then start the fryer to clean it (for several minutes).
  • Repeat as needed if there is still fat on the inside surface of the fryer.

3. Clean a fryer with white vinegar

White vinegar is used to clean a ton of things and surfaces in a home so why not use it for the fryer cleaning?

  • Add boiling water and white vinegar in equal amounts to the fryer.
  • Start the fryer and let sit for several minutes to dislodge all the grease.

Add soda crystals to the mixture for an even more effective and thorough cleaning of the fryer.

4. A homemade cleanser with salt and vinegar

This time why not mix white vinegar with salt or baking soda?

The fat inside a deep fryer can actually be hard to clean up and dislodge. With a slightly more abrasive mixture this task will become much easier.

  • Pour white vinegar into the fryer and scrub the entire interior.
  • Then sprinkle salt or baking soda on the surfaces and scrub again
  • Repeat as needed and rinse the frypot to complete cleaning.

Fats in the fryer will be dislodged very quickly with this mixture of vinegar and coarse salt.

5. Degrease a fryer with flour!

Beyond cleaning, it is certainly the degreasing of the fryer that is the most difficult to do. Once the oil change is complete here is how to use the flour:

  • Use the paper towel to remove excess grease.
  • Then sprinkle white flour all over the inside surface.
  • Use paper towels again to scrub and clean the fryer.
  • Repeat as needed and rinse to complete cleaning.

6. Clean your fryer with a clay stone

The clay stone can also be effective for cleaning the fryer! Either way, it’s a natural product that you should all have at home as it can be used for a multitude of household tasks.

The clay stone is therefore an effective and natural way to wash and degrease the fryer. Made from clay, this product can be used with just warm water and a sponge.

Once the cleaning with the clay stone is finished, don’t forget to rinse the appliance well before putting the new vegetable oil back in.

7. Degreasing the fryer with black soap

Similar to the trick with the clay stone, black soap is another product that can be used for fryer degreasing.

Black soap helps to dislodge fat

when mixed with a little baking soda. So you can scrub the inside of the fryer with a sponge and this mixture of black soap and baking soda.

8. Clean the fryer with hot water, very hot!

If you frequently use the fryer to make home fries then more frequent cleaning is recommended. Here’s what you can do:

  • Drain the oil from the fryer into a large container and strain it to remove unwanted residue.
  • Boil water and slowly pour it into the fryer (be careful not to burn yourself).
  • Run the fryer for 10-15 minutes and repeat if necessary.
  • Empty the water, dry the tank well with absorbent paper and add the filtered vegetable oil.

9. Clean the outside of the fryer

Now that you know all the possible tips for cleaning the inside here is how to clean the outside of the fryer.

  • Soak an absorbent paper (paper towel) with rubbing alcohol.
  • Scrub the outside surface of the fryer paying particular attention to grease spots.

It is also important to wash or replace the filters of the fryer regularly to avoid frying odors everywhere in the house.

Other tips against this bad smell:

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10. Bleach… Nope!

Some grandma’s tips and remedies sites state that bleach can be used to clean a deep fryer…. EEEEE NO!

Ok, if you want to wash the outside of the fryer with a mixture of water and bleach it is possible but never the inside, never the fryer tank… EVER!

Bleach is toxic and harmful to health, as are oven and insert cleaners.

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