How to clean a leather sofa?

How to clean a leather sofa? Divan, sofa, armchair or leather sofa it is important to use the right cleaning and maintenance products to avoid damaging the leather.

Liquid stains, food stains, dirt… Here are my tips and tricks for cleaning a leather couch.

1. Maintenance of a leather sofa

Before moving on to the tips and tricks for removing stains from a leather sofa, it is important to properly maintain your sofa.

Here are some maintenance tips for your leather sofa:

  • Every week pass a soft damp cloth or chamois leather over the entire surface of the leather sofa (sofa, sofa or leather armchair) to remove dust and other dirt.
  • Place the leather sofa as far as possible from heaters, radiators, wood stoves, fireplaces and other sources of heat in the room.
  • Place the leather sofa out of the sun’s rays as much as possible because UV rays can dry out the leather in addition to discoloring it.
  • Apply a moisturizing milk (body milk for example) to the entire surface of the leather every 2 or 3 months.

2. Quickly clean stains on a leather couch

The most important thing when you spill liquid or food on a leather sofa is to clean it up as soon as possible!

  • Use a cloth to quickly soak in liquid or a slightly damp cloth to clean a dry food stain.

On the other hand, for a grease stain on a leather sofa, it will be better to opt for a dry stain remover to start with, as I explain to you in the next tip below.

3. Remove a greasy stain from a leather sofa

On leather or fabric, the best way to remove a greasy stain is to use talcum powder or better still, earth from sommières.

  1. Sprinkle talcum powder on the greasy stain and leave for a few hours, without rubbing.
  2. Take the vacuum cleaner and suck up all the powder and dab the remaining stain with a cloth and turpentine.

For a white leather sofa, prefer talc powder and for dark or colored leather, opt for the earth of sommières.

4. Thoroughly clean a leather sofa or armchair

Body cleansing milk is often enough to clean the surface of a leather sofa, but for small, more stubborn stains to remove, here is how to do it:

  1. Mix an equal amount of water and white vinegar and gently rub all over the leather.
  2. Protect and polish the leather with the cleansing milk to finish.

You could also simply add a little white vinegar to your cleansing milk and clean the leather sofa with this solution.

5. Recipe for cleaning and protecting leather couches

As you know, leather is natural, hence the importance of maintaining it and taking care of it. I therefore offer you another homemade recipe for the maintenance of sofas and other leather furniture at home.

You need the following ingredients:

  • 3 tablespoons of white vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon of ammonia
  • 2 cups lukewarm water

Soak and wring a soft cloth in this solution and rub the entire surface of the leather couch. Repeat this trick once or twice a year to restore the leather’s elasticity and shine.

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