How to clean a microfiber sofa?

How to clean a microfiber sofa? Microfiber is very trendy in our homes, but as with any type of textile, a microfiber sofa requires good maintenance.

To keep it clean and in good condition for a long time, today I offer you good tips and tricks for maintaining and cleaning a microfiber sofa.

1. A good dusting of the sofa before cleaning

Before moving on to tips and tricks for cleaning the microfiber surface, it is important to dust and remove dirt from the sofa.

Here’s how to dust off your microfiber sofa or armchair:

  1. Vacuum the sofa with a soft nozzle so as not to damage the microfiber.
  2. Pass an anti-hair brush to remove pet hair easily on the sofa.
  3. Shake cushions and other removable sofa accessories outdoors.

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2. Water and liquid detergent to clean a microfiber sofa

Before testing one of our tips, it is important to test the product on an inconspicuous part of the sofa to avoid discoloration of the fabric.

Here is a first tip from grandmother:

  1. Mix warm water with liquid detergent and scrub the microfiber.
  2. Rub the surface of the sofa well, insisting on the stains.
  3. Run a slightly damp cloth over the sofa to finish cleaning.

This trick is particularly effective for regular cleaning of the microfiber sofa. For stubborn stains it is better to try our other tips.

Clean the entire sofa:

Indeed, to avoid dark circles and halos on the microfiber, it is recommended to clean the entire sofa and not just the stains.

3. Clean a microfiber chair with Marseille soap

For an armchair, a sofa or other microfiber furniture, Savon de Marseille is a natural cleaning product that is very effective against stains.

The advantage of Marseille soap is that it is soft, natural and you do not risk discoloring or damaging the microfiber.

Here is how to detach the microfiber with Marseille soap:

  1. Moisten a little Marseille soap with a damp cloth and gently rub the microfiber sofa to form a kind of crust.
  2. Wait 30 minutes and run a damp cloth over the surface of the sofa to remove the soap.
  3. Allow to air dry using a fan or hair dryer on low heat.

4. Stain a microfiber couch with white vinegar

White vinegar is a super natural stain remover that can remove a multitude of stains on different surfaces including microfiber!

Super easy to do:

  1. Mix a little white vinegar with lukewarm water.
  2. Soak a cloth in the solution and rub the stains.
  3. Dampen a new soft cloth and scrub the entire sofa.
  4. Allow the sofa to dry completely before use.

5. Remove rings on a microfiber couch

If after dusting and cleaning your microfiber sofa you still notice halos and water spots, I have a great tip for you!

  1. Wipe rings and water spots with a baby wipe.
  2. Let it dry and repeat until the rings completely disappear from the fabric.

Apply a product to protect the sofa:

Of course, to avoid water stains and other types of food stains on a microfiber sofa, the application of a water repellent stain repellent is a good idea.

6. Eliminate odors from a microfiber sofa

If you don’t take care to do good maintenance and regular cleaning of your microfiber sofa, damp and stale odors can emerge from the sofa.

Here is how to deodorize the sofa thoroughly:

  1. Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the entire microfiber surface.
  2. Rub gently with your hands to evenly distribute the baking soda into the fabric.
  3. Leave the baking soda on overnight to deeply deodorize the sofa.
  4. Use the vacuum cleaner with a soft bristle attachment to remove the baking soda.

This tip will help remove tobacco, damp, and cooking odors from deep within the microfiber couch or chair.

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