How to clean a vomit stain easily?

How do you clean a vomit stain? On a quilt, carpet, clothing or on a tiled floor, a vomit stain is not fun to clean!
I have already been younger and now a father of 2 boys, so believe me this is not the first, nor the last vomit that I clean up! Here are my tips and tricks for quickly removing a vomit stain.

1. Removing a vomit stain from a comforter

Throwing up in a bed isn’t very pleasant and neither is cleaning it, on the contrary, it’s disgusting.

So whether it’s yourself or your sick child, here’s how to remove that nasty vomit stain:

  1. Remove excess vomit with paper towels (be careful not to press too hard when picking it up).
  2. Mix a little cold water with soda crystals and dab the vomit stain with a cloth.
  3. Leave for a few minutes and rub the stain again with a damp cloth to finish.

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2. Clean up vomit on a mattress

Now that you know how to clean the duvet, it’s time to tackle the mattress, which also risks being stained with vomit!

Here’s how to clean vomit and disinfect the mattress:

  1. Fill a basin with hot water and clean the vomit stain and dark circles on the mattress.
  2. Repeat until the stain is completely gone and don’t forget to change your water regularly.
  3. Sprinkle baking soda where the vomit stain was and leave for 1 hour.
  4. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the baking soda to finish.
  5. Allow the mattress to air dry before replacing the sheets and bed comforter.

You can also use the baking soda trick to remove vomit from a carpet or fabric sofa.

3. Cleaning up vomit on a fabric sofa

Regardless of the fabric, it is important to act very quickly to clean up vomit because it is very acidic and can quickly damage the fabric, including that of the sofa!

  1. Gently scrape and remove as much vomit as you can without pressing too hard. You can use paper towels or an old rag.
  2. Then pour a little sparkling water directly on the vomit stain to easily remove the traces of vomit on the sofa.
  3. Use paper towel again to soak up and remove vomit “leftovers”.
  4. Allow to air dry or better use a hair dryer set at low temperature for faster drying of the fabric.

For a very stubborn vomit stain embedded in the fabric of the sofa or armchair, you can clean it with a mixture of water and ammonia.

4. Clean up vomit on tiles

Vomit on the tiles is quite common and fortunately for you it is probably the easiest surface to clean.

Here’s how to remove all traces of vomit from the tiles:

  1. Remove excess vomit with paper towels and wash with a cloth and hot water (you can also use a mop or mop to wash the floor).
  2. If traces of vomit remain after the hot water use a cloth with methylated spirit to remove everything.

5. Removing a vomit stain from a car

Vomiting in the house is not pleasant, so in a car it’s much worse, isn’t it!

So if you need to get a vomit stain out of the car seat or carpet, here’s how:

  1. Pour sparkling water (from Perrier) directly on the vomit stain.
  2. Leave to act for a few moments and the bubbles present in this water will make the pieces of vomit take off quickly.
  3. Dab with paper towels to remove all traces of vomit and dry off.

For leather car seats you can instead use a little hydrogen peroxide to clean the stain of vomit, same thing for a leather sofa.

6. Wash a vomit stain from a garment

Vomiting is hard to predict so if you just vomited your clothes tonight I have a great cleaning tip for you.

Alcohol at 70°, here is the solution to quickly remove everything!

  1. Dampen a cloth or rag with 70° alcohol.
  2. Gently dab the remaining vomit stain.
  3. Rinse the garment in cold water and finish with a machine wash.

You can also clean the stain on a garment with hydrogen peroxide before rinsing with water and machine washing.

The vomit stain now cleaned here is an article that explains how to eliminate this bad smell: Tip to remove the smell of vomit in the house.

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