How to clean an induction and ceramic hob?

How to clean a ceramic hob? Black soap, baking soda or clay stone are all excellent for cleaning ceramic glass!

Come and discover all the tips for cleaning a ceramic hob and induction hob.

1. What to do before cleaning the induction hob

Before moving on to cleaning tips and tricks, you must first degrease the surface of the ceramic hob.

Super simple, simply rub the induction hob with a paper towel to thoroughly degrease the entire surface. Once this step is complete you can try one of our cleaning tips below.

2. Clean a ceramic hob with black soap

Black soap is a natural cleaning product that is increasingly used in our homes. In addition to being natural, this product cleans the most stubborn stains on different surfaces.

Here is how to use black soap for cleaning glass ceramics:

  • Soak a cloth in hot water and add a little black soap.
  • Rub the ceramic hob with the cloth (you can also use a sponge).
  • Rinse the glass-ceramic surface and dry with a dry, soft cloth.

3. Clean the glass ceramic with baking soda

Baking soda is indeed another thing that can be useful for cleaning an induction hob. Here’s how:

  • Mix water and baking soda until you get a “kind” of malleable paste.
  • Rub the glass ceramic with this mixture and a damp sponge (you can also use a damp cloth).
  • Rinse the plate and dry with a clean cloth.

4. Clean the glass ceramic with the clay stone

If you are looking for a natural product that can be used for cleaning a multitude of surfaces and stains then clay stone is the answer.

A bit like bicarbonate here is how to use this silver stone:

  • Soak a damp sponge or cloth in the clay stone.
  • Scrub the ceramic hob, insisting on stubborn stains.
  • Rinse and dry the surface of the hob with a microfiber cloth.

5. Burnt stain on a ceramic hob

If you do not clean your hob regularly, you risk seeing burnt stains appear that are difficult to remove. This is why you should clean your hob after each use.

Using a wooden spatula:

The first solution is to rub the burnt stain with a wooden spatula. Why a wooden spatula? Simply because you won’t risk scratching and damaging the glass ceramic with a wooden utensil.

Use a razor blade… Carefully!

For a ceramic hob with very stubborn stains and burnt spots then the razor blade is a solution. Place the blade horizontally and slightly tilted to scrape the stain

Be careful because improper handling of the blade risks scratching and damaging the ceramic hob.

6. Clean an induction hob with vinegar

Vinegar is a 100% natural cleaning product that you can use to clean multiple surfaces around your home.

So why not use the natural power of white vinegar to clean your ceramic hob? Here’s how to use it:

  • Spray pure white vinegar directly on the ceramic glass.
  • Leave on for 15 minutes and rub the entire surface with a sponge or cloth.

This trick is ideal for regular cleaning of the hob. On the other hand, for encrusted stains and burnt food, it is better to opt for baking soda.

7. Blanc de Meudon for plate cleaning

Another product that can be used to clean a glass-ceramic surface is Blanc de Meudon… You know?

It is a white powder that when mixed with water can easily dislodge the most stubborn stains! Here is how to use it on your vitro plate:

  • Mix a little water with blanc de meudon at a ratio of 2 to 1 for the white powder.
  • Rub with a damp cloth and the mixture the stains on the hob.
  • Rinse with a clean, damp cloth and pat dry to complete cleaning.

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