How to clean an LCD screen… Without streaks?

How to clean an LCD screen? Whether it’s for the TV screen, computer or other electronic devices, there are some good products to clean without leaving traces!
As LCD, LED, Plasma or OLED screens are very fragile, it is important not to improvise! So here are my 10 tips and tricks for cleaning an LCD or LED TV screen.

1. Always turn off the TV screen before cleaning

Before even thinking about cleaning your LCD screen or other LED, OLED or Plasma type screens, it is important to turn off the TV screen.

You have to wait until the screen is cold when you touch it. If it is still hot, you risk damaging the TV screen and cleaning will be much less effective.

Hot screen = Static electricity = dust stuck to the screen!

In addition to being safer, a cold TV screen will be much easier to clean because the dust will no longer be « stuck » on the screen due to static electricity.

2. Dust an LCD screen with a microfiber cloth

If you are used to regularly cleaning and maintaining your TV or computer screen then dry cleaning should be sufficient.

A dry and soft microfiber cloth!

In fact, to dust an LCD or LED screen, simply wipe a dry and VERY soft microfiber cloth over the entire surface of the screen. The dust will stick to the cloth like a magnet.

Buy cleaner for LCD, LED and Plasma:

If you prefer to have a real product for cleaning screens at home then this one is very effective:

LCD and LED cleaning kit

LCD and LED cleaning kit

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3. Clean smudges on an LCD screen

One old trick that works pretty well for removing smudges from a TV screen is a mixture of water and vinegar. Here’s how to do this trick:

  1. Add a little white vinegar (a few drops only) in a skin of water.
  2. Use a damp cloth and clean the TV screen with this solution.
  3. Wipe dry with a soft, dry cloth to finish cleaning.

I tested this thing on an LCD TV screen (works very well) but on the other hand I don’t know if it works just as well on an LED or Plasma screen.

To use the vinegar for the TV surround:

You can also use a cloth soaked in vinegar to clean the plastic edges of the TV, being careful not to touch the screen as the vinegar is pure.

4. Damp cloth for cleaning screens

If you are looking for the best way to do regular cleaning of screens at home and in the office then a simple damp cloth is sufficient.

The damp cloth can be used for regular cleaning of TV screens, smartphones, tablets and other touch screens or not.

  1. Simply soak a cloth in lukewarm water (cooler than hot) and gently rub the screen.
  2. Dry with a new dry, soft cloth to finish (preferably microfiber).

No soapy water on the screens!

There is no need to add liquid dish soap to the water as you may damage the LCD or LED screen. So just water.

5. Cleaning cloth for washing screens

To clean and dust LCD screens and other types of screens, you can also use cleaning wipes.

Be careful, you must use cleaning wipes designed specifically for cleaning screens, otherwise you risk damaging them permanently.

6. A few gestures and products to avoid when cleaning an LCD screen

Finally, regardless of the screens to be cleaned and the technology used; LED, OLED, LCD, ACL or Plasma, it is important to be very careful because these screens are very fragile.

Here are some gestures to avoid to avoid damaging your screen:

  • Never spray water or products directly on the TV screen.
  • Never wash a TV screen that is on and still hot.
  • Never rub LCD, LED, OLED and Plasma screens too hard as you may permanently damage it.
  • Never clean a TV screen with soapy water
  • Do not make circular movements but rather movements from left to right.
  • Never use window cleaner
  • Never use alcohol-based cleaning products

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