How to clean and maintain a fiberglass balcony?

How to clean and maintain a fiberglass balcony?

Maintenance of an iron fiber balcony

The fiberglass balcony is very popular these days. Robust and durable it is normal to see this type of material gaining popularity in the field of balconies and terraces.

Fiberglass, on the other hand, requires good maintenance. Here are some tips and tricks for properly cleaning your fiberglass balcony.

1. Regularly clean your fiberglass balcony

To ensure quick and easy cleaning of a fiberglass balcony, it is important to clean it regularly, every week if necessary.

When I lived in an apartment, we had a fiberglass balcony and as soon as we skipped a few weeks of maintenance, cleaning stains and dirt became much more difficult and time-consuming.

Brush the balcony with a broom every week!

So to prevent stains from becoming embedded in the fiberglass, sweep the broom every week, especially if you live in town where dirt and dust are present in large quantities.

2. Remove stains embedded in the fiberglass

If unfortunately you have forgotten to sweep it for a long time, the dirt will become embedded in the fiberglass of your balcony. Here is how to clean these stains effectively:

  1. Water the entire fiberglass balcony with the garden hose.
  2. Use a scrub brush to clean and scrub stubborn stains and dirt.
  3. Rinse again and use the brush again with soapy water to thoroughly remove all stains.

It is important to use soapy water or a mild cleaning product to avoid damaging the material.

3. Remove a rust stain from a fiberglass balcony

Rust stains on a fiberglass balcony are unfortunately very difficult to remove. One of the best solutions is to use a rust remover.

But be careful, I recommend that you dilute the rust remover with a little water or better still soapy water. Be sure to apply the product only to the rust spot without overlying the surface.

Prepare a homemade rust remover recipe:

If you prefer to test a grandmother’s trick then here is one that works (having tested it on my balcony):

  1. Mix a little warm water with baking soda to form a paste.
  2. Apply to rust and rub gently until stain disappears from surface.
  3. Rinse, wipe and repeat as needed if stain is still visible.

4. Prevent stains on a fiberglass balcony

As rust stains and other stains embedded in fiberglass can be difficult to remove, here are some practical tips to avoid them:

  • Avoid placing metal furniture, objects and accessories (which may rust) directly on the surface of the balcony.
  • Glue protective cushions under the legs of your patio furniture such as chairs, tables and flower pots.
  • Lift furniture and objects rather than drag them to move them on the balcony (to avoid scratches).

5. Quickly repair cracks on a fiberglass balcony

Over time, it is normal to see more or less significant cracks appear on a fiberglass surface. However, it is very important to repair them as soon as possible to prevent them from growing any further.

Here are some practical tips and advice for repairing a crack in fiberglass:

  • Use an epoxy resin to caulk the cracks in the fiberglass.
  • Drill a hole (a small hole) at each end of the crack to stop the progression.
  • Thoroughly wipe the inside of the crack clean and dry before applying the epoxy.
  • Apply a generous amount of epoxy to completely fill the crack.
  • Let the epoxy resin dry well for 24 hours before smoothing the surface.

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