How to clean bronze?

How to clean bronze? Cleaning product for copper, lemon juice, Marseille soap, there are many tips for cleaning bronze.

Today I present to you some good tips and cleaning products to protect and clean bronze at home.

Tips and tricks for cleaning bronze:

1. Clean and maintain the bronze with soapy water

The first tip for cleaning, maintaining and protecting bronze is simply soapy water. To do this:

  • Mix water with mild soap
  • Scrub the bronze object with a small brush.
  • Rinse well to remove all traces of water and soap.
  • Dry well with a soft cloth after cleaning.

You can also use a cloth or a sponge rather than a brush to be sure not to damage the bronze which can sometimes be fragile. This trick is effective for small and large bronze objects.

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2. Shine the bronze with Ouator Metal Polish

If you are looking for how to clean a bronze object, know that there are products and lotions to polish, clean and shine the bronze. Some cleaning products make it possible to clean and protect several metals such as copper of course, but also brass, copper or even tin.

Here is the Ouator Metal Polish copper cleaning product that cleans and protects copper and other metals:

This product can also be used to polish brass as you will discover in this article: How to protect and clean aged brass?

3. Cleaning the bronze with methylated spirit

Has the bronze you want to clean turned green over time? If a bronze object has green stains then the best solution is rubbing alcohol.

Here is what you can do to remove the verdigris on bronze objects such as a statue for example:

  • Mix water with soap and rubbing alcohol.
  • Use a soft bristled brush to clean the bronze object.
  • Rinse the object and dry well to finish.

You can also use rubbing alcohol instead of rubbing alcohol for equally effective bronze cleaning.

Test beforehand on a small surface of the object to be sure not to damage the bronze with this trick based on methylated spirit or household alcohol.

4. Clay stone: a natural product for cleaning bronze

Another natural tip to clean and shine an old or almost new bronze object is the silver stone. It is a product that can be purchased easily in stores or online and is made of clay.

If you are looking for a bronze cleaning product but also a cleaning product capable of making almost everything shine in the house, Pierre d’Argent is really a solution for you. I offer you below a white clay stone of quality and at a super price:

Silver Stone

Silver Stone

  • Clay-based cleaner to clean everything
  • Protects and cleans at the same time
  • Economical and effective cleaning product

5. Clean brass and bronze with white vinegar

It’s no longer a secret that vinegar is a natural ingredient for cleaning everything around the house. To use vinegar on bronze, pewter and brass you must:

  • Use 1 cup of white vinegar.
  • Add 4 pinches of salt to the vinegar.
  • Dip a soft brush in the vinegar and scrub the bronze object.
  • Rinse well and dry with a cloth to finish cleaning the object.

For a heavily soiled and dirty bronze object you can double the amount of salt dissolved in the vinegar.

Be careful, however, not to make your homemade solution too abrasive so as not to damage an old bronze object, for example.

6. Blanc d’Espagne for bronze cleaning

Do you know the Blanc d’Espagne also known as Blanc de Meudon? It is a product that was very popular in the past and has been making a strong comeback in our homes for a few years. Ideal for a multitude of household tasks, Meudon white can be used to clean almost everything in the house, including bronze and copper.

Here is how to use Blanc de Meudon for bronze cleaning:

  • Form a kind of paste with a mixture of Blanc de Meudon and rubbing alcohol.
  • Spread the paste well over the entire bronze surface and let it dry for a few minutes.
  • Once completely dry, rub the bronze to remove stubborn stains.

If you don’t have a Blanc d’Espagne at home, here is the Blanc de Meudon from Starwax for sale on Amazon and which is one of the most popular online:

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7. Clean a bronze object and verdigris stains

Is there verdigris on your bronze object? It is common to see verdigris and other stains appear on bronze objects. bronze sculpture

Vinegar and salt can overcome verdigris, but you may need to add ammonia to the mixture as well. For a very dirty bronze, ammonia is a very effective cleaning tip to thoroughly clean the metal. Ammonia is effective on several types of objects such as bronze statues and bells for example.

You can also add a little lemon juice to the ammonia for best results. Simply rub the bronze with this solution using a sponge or better still a chamois leather.

Ammonia mixed with salt and vinegar is an effective trick for dull, lackluster bronze and verdigris stains.

8. Lemon juice for bronze items

Another homemade recipe for cleaning bronze and removing stubborn stains from bronze is lemon juice. For this trick you need:

  • Use lemon juice or half a lemon.
  • Scrub the bronze with a brush and the lemon juice.
  • Rinse the bronze object well to remove all traces of lemon.
  • Dry with a soft cloth to finish cleaning.

But be careful because the lemon can damage certain bronze objects, including gilded bronze objects.

9. Use Marseille soap for dirty bronze

Marseille soap is another natural trick to clean a dirty copper object in depth to restore it to a beautiful shine. But how to use Marseille soap precisely?

  • Mix water with Marseille soap.
  • Scrub the bronze object with a brush.
  • Rinse and repeat cleaning if necessary.

If the bronze is really very dirty you can add a little lemon juice and white vinegar to the mixture. Bronze cleaning will be even more effective.

10. Beeswax to protect bronze from oxidation

Do you have a patinated but unwaxed bronze object at home? A bronze object that is not protected risks oxidation, so how do you protect your object?

Beeswax is a 100% natural product that you can use to protect the bronze surface of your objects but also to make them shine. So to make the bronze shine, just pour a little beeswax on a chamois leather and rub the entire surface of the object.

Be careful though, beeswax is only useful to protect and shine copper and bronze and not for deep cleaning. This is a trick to restore the shine to your old object, for example.

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