How to clean copper?

How to clean copper? There are many copper objects that we have at home, but we do not always know how to properly maintain and clean them.

So how to avoid green or gray stains or even oxidation of copper objects at home? 10 Tips here offers you effective tips and products to quickly clean copper.

1. Clean copper with lemon juice

As with other types of metals and surfaces, lemon juice is very useful for cleaning copper and bronze objects. To successfully clean copper you must:

  • Use a brush with long, soft bristles.
  • Brush the copper object with the lemon juice.
  • Leave to act for a few moments on the metal.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water and dry with a warm cloth.

To clean a very dirty and dirty copper you can add a little baking soda to lemon juice. Be careful, however, not to make the mixture too abrasive so as not to damage the copper.

2. Make the copper shine with the Pierre d’Argent

Do you know the Pierre d’Argent, do you know this clay-based product? This natural clay-based product is very popular in France but also elsewhere in the world for household chores and more particularly for cleaning metals and other surfaces.

In addition to cleaning everything in the house, Pierre d’Argent protects surfaces while respecting the environment, which is extremely important these days. 10 Tips offers you below the Silver Stone at the best price:

The clay stone also cleans brass but several other tricks can be effective as well: How to clean oxidized brass?

3. Clean copper with white vinegar, flour and salt

Are you one of those people who love grandma’s recipes and remedies? 10 Tips offers you below a cleaning tip for copper based on white vinegar, flour and salt.

Here is the list of ingredients needed for this cleaning recipe:

  • 1 cup vinegar
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup table salt

Once all the ingredients are well mixed rub the copper object you want to shine and clean thoroughly. You can use a cloth or even better a soft bristle brush to scrub the copper. To finish cleaning, rinse the object with lukewarm water and dry the entire surface of the copper thoroughly with a woolen cloth or a microfiber cloth.

4. Soapy water for gold copper

Soapy water can be a good solution for cleaning red copper and or gold copper. It’s hard to do a simpler cleaning thing than soapy water, isn’t it.

To do this, simply take a brush and a little soapy water and rub the bronze object. Then rinse and simply air dry. To shine and restore shine to copper, simply rub with a soft, dry cloth once the object is completely dry.

If you prefer a genuine cleaner then Spado’s Special Copper Cleaner may be a good solution for you. Available online, this product cleans copper but also makes it shine like never before.

Spado copper cleaner

Spado copper cleaner

  • Perfect for cleaning copper trays and pans.
  • Eliminates traces of oxidation on copper.
  • For copper, brass and bronze.

5. Clean copper with sorrel leaves

Another natural tip for cleaning copper is to use sorrel leaves… Yes, you read sorrel leaves correctly. For this natural trick you must:

  • Place about 2 kilos of sorrel leaves in a little water.
  • Boil the water and cook for 1 hour.
  • Then place your copper object in the water (the water must still be hot)
  • Leave the copper object in the water for 2 hours.
  • Rinse, clean and dry the copper to finish.

Here is finally a 100% natural tip to effectively clean small copper objects at home. Are you going to try the experience soon?

6. Long live soda crystals!

Copper is a very pretty material but unfortunately requires a lot of care and maintenance to keep it bright and shiny. As copper often oxidizes quickly, it is important to know an effective home remedy to quickly eliminate copper oxidation in order to restore its shine.

Here is a remedy to help you clean badly oxidized copper:

  • Bring 2 liters of water to a boil.
  • Add 4 tablespoons of soda crystals.
  • Immerse the oxidized copper object you want to clean.
  • Leave for several minutes to clean thoroughly.
  • Dry with a soft cloth, for example a microfiber cloth.

7. Naturally shine copper with an onion

Did you know that onion can be very effective and quick to make copper objects shine at home? Whether it is a copper tray, a copper pan or other types of objects, the onion is truly miraculous. To do this you need:

  • Cut an onion in half.
  • Add salt to one of the onion pieces.
  • Then rub the copper object and start again if necessary.
  • Rinse the copper to remove traces of onions but also the smell.

For a very dirty and grimy copper object you may need to use several onion wedges to complete all the cleaning.

8. What to clean copper with? With cola!

Another old-fashioned remedy to clean dirty and even oxidized copper is cola… Yes yes! Cola is especially good at restoring shine and making copper shine like brand new.

So if you have copper kitchen utensils and objects that are oxidized, cola is the solution. Simply wash the objects and utensils with a cloth soaked in Cola. For smaller objects you can soak them directly in a container filled with Cola for a few minutes before rubbing them with the cloth to finish cleaning.

A simple, quick and ridiculously effective trick for cleaning very oxidized and very dirty copper objects.

9. Deoxidize brass with oxalic acid

Old, oxidized copper is much less attractive and interesting than shiny, new copper, so why not deoxidize the object in question? While we find some tricks based on hydrochloric acid to clean copper objects here we offer you oxalic acid instead.

This product actually deoxidizes copper efficiently and quickly. You can even use Oxalic Acid to brighten and whiten old wood. 10 Tips offers you below Oxalic acid from the Spado brand, ideal for removing rust and oxidation from metals.

seal remover

seal remover

  • Deoxidizes and cleans metals
  • Lightens the wood
  • Eliminates rust

10. Shine red copper

As you can see, there are many tips and products to clean and shine red copper or pure copper if you prefer.

Another solution to shine red copper is to mix baking soda, white flour and lemon juice. You have to mix everything to form a small paste. Then simply rub the copper with this baking soda-based paste to restore its luster and shine.

Protect, clean and polish copper with Metal Polish from Ouator!

Running out of time to try out our tips and tricks? Here is Ouator’s Metal Polish, a great product for cleaning and protecting copper and other metals.

Ouatar, Metal Polish

Ouatar, Metal Polish

  • Eliminates micro-scratches, rust stains and oxidation.
  • Cleans, protects and polishes copper.

This top product is also ideal for cleaning and protecting bronze! Come read these other tips and tricks on cleaning this metal: How to clean bronze?

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