How to clean old bricks?

How to clean bricks?

A brick wall can also collect a lot of dirt and dust. In order to keep it clean, it must therefore be cleaned. How to go about it?

Let’s admit that this is a material that we are not used to rubbing! To help you, here are 10 tips for cleaning bricks!

1. Brush the bricks and vacuum

Basically, for proper maintenance of your bricks, you should regularly brush your bricks and vacuum dust.

2. Soda crystals

For a good cleaning, wet your bricks and with a sponge, rub everything with a mixture of water and soda crystals. Then rinse your decorative brick wall to finish.

3. Baking soda

Baking soda will be excellent for cleaning joints! Use a wet brush and scrub the seams of the bricks with the baking soda.

Baking soda can also be useful for cleaning interior plaster. Come read this other article: Remove a stain on interior roughcast.

4. Potash to clean brick joints

Potash will also be good for cleaning joints in brick walls or other stones. Simply mix 1 part potash to 3 parts water.

5. Sandpaper

To remove graffiti from a brick wall, you can sand the brick with sandpaper.

6. Vacuum the Brick Wall

If there is soot on your brick wall, just vacuum it. Ideal for removing soot and dust from bricks and other decorative stones in the home.

7. Powder detergent

For smoke stains, you can use powder detergent. Start by vacuuming first and then scrubbing the brick wall with a stiff brush and a mixture of water and powder detergent.

8. Stain remover for bricks

To prevent stains and erosion, you can apply a stain remover specially designed for bricks.

9. Linseed oil

To make your brick more shiny and sparkling, you can coat it with linseed oil, using a brush.

10. Newsprint to shine bricks

For even more shine, you can use newspaper which will be soaked in linseed oil and white spirit.

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