How to clean plexiglass without scratching it? Here are some of the best cleaning tips to properly clean plexiglass and especially clean it without scratching it.

How to clean plexiglass without scratching it?

Plexiglas is a material used more and more nowadays, especially in the last year and in the current context. Chair, protection, support, table… It is important to properly maintain and clean the plexi.

Here are some of the best cleaning tips to properly clean plexiglass and above all clean it without scratching it.

1. Dust the plexiglass with a hair dryer

Whatever trick you are going to use to clean and remove stains from the plexiglass, it is important to dust it well to avoid scratching the furniture or the plexiglass separation pane.

  • Just use a hair dryer set to cold air and blow off the dust on the surface.

It is important to set to cold air, because the heat of the hair dryer may damage the plexiglass which is a material that reacts badly to heat.

2. Clean Plexiglas with soapy water

The first tip for properly cleaning Plexiglas is to simply clean it with soapy water and a sponge.

Make sure you have removed all traces of dust and dry dirt before starting to clean the plexi:

  1. Mix in a bucket of lukewarm-cold water with a few drops of dishwashing liquid.
  2. Soak a sponge in this soapy water and clean the plexiglass.
  3. Wipe and dry the surface with a new microfiber cloth to finish.

Soapy water is also the best thing to clean and recover a yellowed plexiglass!

3. Grandma’s Recipe for Naturally Cleaning Plexiglas

Of course you can also use recipes and homemade cleaners such as white vinegar for example.

Here’s how to make this natural home cleaner:

  1. In a bucket pour 4 cups of warm water and 1 1/2 cups of white vinegar.
  2. Pour the cleaning solution into a bottle and spray the Plexiglas.
  3. Wipe and then clean the surface with a soft sponge or better still a microfiber cloth.

Vinegar water is effective for removing dark circles, fingerprints and other stains naturally on plexiglass but also for cleaning windows.

4. Removing small scratches on plexiglass

Whether on a plexiglass chair or on a transparent separation, scratches are unfortunately frequent and very visible.

  1. With a soft, dry cloth, spread some polishing paste on the Plexiglas window.
  2. Make circular movements insisting on the scratches for 2 minutes.
  3. Repeat until the scratches and scratches completely disappear from the surface.

Do not hesitate to add a little more polishing paste if the scratches are deep in the plexi.

5. Never use to clean plexiglass

Finally, be aware that not all products can be used to clean Plexiglas furniture and separations.

Here are the products and actions to avoid for cleaning plexi:

  • No solvent type products: you should never use solvent-based products, as solvents will damage and deteriorate the Plexiglas surface quickly.
  • Do not use abrasive products: No matter that the plexi is very dirty and stained, never use abrasive sponge and other abrasive products. You will permanently damage and scratch the plexiglass.
  • Always dust first: No matter what trick and cleaning product you use, you should always dry dust the plexiglass to start with.

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