How to clean quartz?

How to clean a quartz counter? Quartz brings a modern and chic touch, especially to the kitchen thanks to the pretty counter and quartz worktop.

As with other natural stone surfaces, quartz requires maintenance! So here are some good tips and products to properly clean quartz.

1. Clean the quartz with soapy water

For maintenance or rather for regular cleaning of a quartz countertop the solution is soapy water.

Soapy water is the #1 trick for quick everyday cleaning for a quartz, granite, or even marble countertop.

  1. Mix water and liquid dish soap in a spray bottle.
  2. Spray the soapy water on the quartz surface and clean with a soft cloth.
  3. Then use a soft, dry cloth and make long strokes to dry well and make the quartz shine.

Always use a non-abrasive detergent!

If you use another type of detergent, the important thing is to always choose a NON-abrasive detergent product so as not to damage the surface of the quartz.

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2. Scale and lime stain on a quartz counter

If you notice the presence of scale or limestone stains on a quartz surface then white vinegar is the solution.

Here is how to use vinegar on a quartz countertop:

  1. Mix white vinegar with a little water and pour directly onto the stain.
  2. Leave the vinegar on for 1 minute and rinse quickly with a damp cloth.
  3. Dry the quartz with a soft cloth or paper towel to finish.

3. A bleach skin on the quartz counter

I know bleach isn’t so popular in our homes anymore, but it can still be useful for some household chores.

Here’s how to use it on a quartz countertop:

  1. Dilute a little bleach with lukewarm water and spray on the quartz.
  2. Clean the entire surface with a soft cloth and rinse with a new cloth and warm water.

Bleached water cleans and removes dirt on the quartz but also disinfects the work surface.

4. Very dirty and clogged quartz counter

For a very clogged and dirty quartz counter, it may be necessary to resort to a trick a little more powerful than soapy water.

  1. Start with a quick cleaning of the quartz with soapy water.
  2. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda in a large bowl of hot water (dissolve the baking soda well).
  3. Dampen a soft cloth with this liquid and clean the quartz surface.
  4. Rinse and wipe the quartz with a new soft microfiber cloth.

This bicarbonate trick is particularly effective in removing stains and greasy marks on a quartz or granite worktop.

5. Practical tips for maintaining a quartz countertop

The quartz countertop is very resistant to stains and requires little maintenance, but you still have to pay attention to certain things.

Here are some practical tips and advice to know about quartz:

  • Clean Stains Quickly: The older the stain, the more difficult it will be to completely remove it from quartz. This is especially the case for liquid stains which cause dark circles and halos which are difficult to remove on quartz.
  • Beware of hot dishes: Never place hot dishes directly on the quartz because you risk damaging it permanently. Always use a trivet on a quartz countertop.
  • Do not use strong products: Regardless of the stain to be removed from quartz, you should never use solvent-type products or worse, stripper-type products.
  • No abrasive products: Never use abrasive products and cleaners on Quartz and other natural stone surfaces. So we do not use an abrasive sponge, and especially no steel wool.

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