How to clean the ears?

How to properly wash your ears? An ear cleaner, soapy water, a cleaning spray, there are many products that can allow you to deeply clean your ears.

10-Trucs offers you below some of the best tips and products for effective and fast ear washing.

1. Rinse your ears in the shower

In principle, a simple rinse with water should be sufficient to wash the ears. In fact, every time you take a hot shower, tilt your head to the side to rinse and clean your ears.

Let the ear drip for a few seconds and repeat, tilting your head to the other side to wash the other ear.

If you take the time to rinse and wash your ears in the shower, you will prevent wax plugs.

Your ear is completely clogged?

If your ear is clogged because of an earwax blockage, several tips can be made to quickly unclog it. So I recommend reading these other tips and tricks: Grandmother’s remedy for clogged ears.

2. Clean the ears with soapy water

Always in the shower, soapy water can be used to thoroughly clean the contour as well as the auricle. A little soaping and quick rinsing is enough to keep the ears clean.

As for rinsing, don’t forget to wipe your ears well when you get out of the shower to avoid leaving drops of water in the ear canal.

You can use the bath towel or even a handkerchief to wipe the water from the ears.

3. A syringe to deep clean the ears

If you are looking for a tip for a deep cleaning of the ears, the syringe and water is an excellent solution.

A few years ago my 2 ears were completely blocked and let me tell you that the feeling is really VERY unpleasant. So I made an appointment at the clinic to finally have my ears unblocked.

A big syringe to unclog your ears!

So the nurse used a big syringe with water to quickly unclog my ears. After 2 or 3 minutes the cleaning was finished and the 2 wax plugs were completely removed.

I asked during this appointment to have a big syringe so now whether it’s for me or for my wife, no more plugs and clogged ears!

4. Ear wash spray

Another product to clean the ears and prevent plug formation is ear spray. Rather used to prevent clogged ears you can use it for ear cleaning.

Indeed, this type of spray is ideal for removing wax residue that can cause a medium-term blockage. It is a product designed for ear hygiene and can also be used by the whole family.

Buy ear spray:

If you want to test a product in the form of a spray to clean and eliminate wax residue in the ears, you should like this one:

5. Use an ear pick

The ear cleaner is not yet very popular and used for cleaning the ears and to remove excess earwax in the duct but yet it is very effective!

Indeed, unlike cotton swabs, the ear cleaner really helps to dislodge and clean the ears. It is the ideal tool for safely removing excess earwax from an ear canal.

6. Never use cotton swabs to clean your ears!

We have all already used the famous cotton swab to clean and remove earwax from the ears, yet it is totally inadvisable to use it!

Due to improper handling and use, unfortunately, the earwax is pushed even deeper into the ear canal, thus causing a plug!

ENT specialists have been recommending for several years now to no longer use cotton swabs for cleaning the ears!

If you suspect you have an ear infection it is important to act quickly! Here is an article with effective solutions and remedies: Relieve an ear infection in the middle of the night.

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