How to clean the gas burners of your gas cooker?

How to clean the burners of your gas stove?

The gas cooker or gas cooker if you prefer requires complete maintenance and cleaning from time to time, just like a conventional oven.

But how do you clean gas burners without damaging them? 10 Tips today offers tips and cleaning products specially designed to clean the gas burners of a gas stove.

1. Clean the gas burners with Marseille soap

For regular cleaning of gas burners you can use Marseille soap. Indeed, if the burners are not too dirty and clogged, this cleaning tip should be enough to restore the shine to the burners.

Here is how to clean gas stove burners:

  • Fill a basin with lukewarm water and add the Marseille soap.
  • Soak the burners for 20 minutes in soapy water.
  • Then rub them with a non-abrasive sponge and plunge back into the solution.
  • Then dry with a cloth and put them back on the stove.

Here is precisely Marseille soap to succeed in this trick:

Marseille's soap

Marseille’s soap

  • Super natural and multi-surface cleaner
  • Replaces toxic cleaning products
  • Ecological solution for cleaning the house

Marseille soap can also be used for other cooking appliances as in this article: How to clean an induction hob?

2. Clean heavily soiled and clogged gas burners

If the burners of the gas stoves are really very dirty and very clogged then we have another grandmother’s recipe for you.

  • Make a sort of paste by mixing water with baking soda.
  • Spread the mixture on the burners and rub with a sponge or cloth.
  • Rinse and dry the burners well to complete the cleaning.

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This water and soda trick is also useful for cleaning other devices as in this article: How to clean the oven rack?

3. Use white vinegar to clean the burners

Just like baking soda, white vinegar is a natural and essential cleaning product to have in your home! So why not use vinegar to clean and degrease stovetop burners?

  • Pour white vinegar into a basin and immerse the burners in it.
  • Leave the vinegar to act for 8 hours or better overnight.
  • Scrub, rinse and dry the burners to finish.

If there are still stains on the gas burners you can top up with the baking soda trick.

White vinegar is a very popular natural cleaner on Here is an article where vinegar is actually used: How to clean a very dirty oven?

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