How to clean your smartphone and disinfect it well?

How to clean and disinfect the screen of your mobile phone?

A touch screen is a great innovation, but have you ever thought about the impressive quantity of bacteria found there? So if you have a mobile phone, tablet or other gadget with a touchscreen, you should of course clean it, as often as possible.

In this article, I suggest you discover some good tips, recipes and homemade products to clean your smartphone effectively.

1. Remove dirt and fingerprints from the screen

Before talking about disinfection and bacteria, let’s talk about dusting. So if you are looking for a very simple trick to remove dirt, we have one to offer you.

Rub the screen of your smartphone with a microfiber cloth or even better with a make-up remover pad.

2. Soapy water

A first tip to clean and remove bacteria stuck to your touch screen is to use soapy water.

  • Mix a little water with a little liquid dish soap.
  • Use a cloth or cotton pad and rub the screen with this soapy water.

This solution can also be useful for cleaning the protective shell of your phone and other touch screens that you use daily.

To disinfect a screen and other surfaces, alcohol is a very important ingredient. Indeed, to effectively get rid of all the invisible bacteria hiding on your iPhone screen, alcohol is the only effective solution.

Simply use an alcohol-based gel that you use, for example, to clean and disinfect your hands. Here’s how to avoid damaging your screen:

  • Pour a few drops of the disinfectant gel on a paper towel or make-up remover pad.
  • Clean the entire surface of the screen with the instant solution on stains.
  • Use a new paper towel to wipe and loosen any remaining stains on the screen.

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4. Use disinfectant wipes

A quick and effective method to clean and especially to disinfect touch screens is to use disinfectant wipes. This type of disinfectant product can be found online and in stores to clean hands and surfaces in the home.

You can also use a paper towel and 90° alcohol to disinfect and kill bacteria on your smartphone.

5. Over 17K bacteria live on your phone screen!

According to an important *study (see link below) the screen of a mobile phone can contain more than 17,000 bacteria (this is an average).

The screen of a mobile phone contains 10X more bacteria than the toilet bowl…

Study source: Bacterial contamination of cell phones.

So friends are you going to take the time tonight to clean and disinfect your phone screen?

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