How to cool your dog in the summer?

Your dog also needs to cool off during the summer!

Whether it’s during a heat wave this summer or simply to keep your pet cool on a hotter day, it’s very important to cool down your dog from time to time.

10 Tips offers you today 10 ideas and tips to refresh a dog this summer.

The 10 tricks to refresh a dog:

1. A little cold water is always refreshing

As for humans, to cool down quickly there is nothing faster than a little cold water on the body and face. For a dog, prefer the belly and thighs where there is less hair, it is much more refreshing and effective in case of hot weather.

2. When to take your dog out in the summer?

Your dog needs to move, every day even when it’s very hot in summer. But you can choose times of the day when it is a little less hot, such as very early in the morning and at the end of the evening. This is the perfect time to give your dog some summer exercise.

3. Drink plenty of water

If it’s very hot outside, it’s very important to give your dog plenty of fresh water to cool him down quickly and above all to hydrate him properly. Your pet is not so different from you in a heat wave you know!

4. No air conditioner? The fan can help!

If you don’t have an air conditioner to cool you and your dog, then you can use a simple fan. The simple act of blowing a little wind into a room will help cool you down on hot summer days and evenings.

5. Never leave your dog in a car!

We still see this too often, dogs locked in a car in the sun during the summer with a window barely open… It’s so sad to still see this type of thing these days!

6. Water games for dogs

In summer when it’s very hot, we like water games so why not have fun with your dog too? Whether with a watering can or other water games, believe us, your dog will love getting wet, especially when it’s hot outside.

7. Give your dog ice cubes

Did you know that it was possible to give your dog ice cubes to cool him down on hot summer days? On the other hand, it is preferable to give ice cubes in very small pieces or even in the form of slush so as not to damage the dog’s teeth.

8. Cut the dog’s hair shorter

Of course you can also keep your pet’s coat shorter in the summer. You can seek the advice of a professional who can suggest the right length depending on the breed and age of your dog.

9. Watch out for air conditioning

It is important not to overdo the air conditioning in a house or in a car when traveling. 24 or 25 degrees is an ideal temperature for a dog, below that, your dog may be uncomfortable.

10. Watch out for heatstroke

Your dog can also have heatstroke, so pay close attention to his general condition during a heat wave, for example.

Here are some symptoms of heatstroke in a dog:

  • muscle tremors
  • vomitings
  • difficult and rapid breathing
  • a warmer than usual body temperature

So just like you, it’s very important to cool your dog on hot summer days.

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