How to cut hunger? Here are tips and tricks to stop hunger!

How to cut hunger?

When you’re always hungry, it’s hard to lose weight and stay healthy. Often our appetite plays tricks on us and that’s when hunger becomes difficult to control.

So how to stop or rather control hunger? 10-Trucs offers you below the top tips to cut hunger!

Tips and tricks to stop hunger:

1. Drink plenty of water to stop hunger

Water is essential for people’s health but can also be useful in controlling and stopping hunger.

Indeed, by drinking a lot of water you will inflate your stomach and you will thus be much less hungry.

It is therefore important to drink water regularly during the day. A simple glass of water before each meal is enough to stop or rather to control hunger.

2. Natural and effective appetite suppressant foods

Several foods are effective in controlling hunger and even stopping it in some cases. Here are some of the best natural foods that will help curb hunger:

  • Whole grains: Not only will whole grains cut your hunger, but they will also promote good gut health! Rich in fiber, you will feel full thanks to this food!
  • Vegetables as an appetite suppressant: Vegetables are packed with water and fiber! You will fill your stomach better this way and you will control your hunger much more effectively,
  • The fruits: They are also rich in fibre, they will be good natural appetite suppressants just like vegetables!
  • Legumes: Legumes can totally replace the meat of a meal! Fiber and protein will be there to keep you full!
  • Nuts, a good natural appetite suppressant: Nuts are rich in protein, protect the heart and suppress hunger! Isn’t it wonderful! To be eaten in moderation, however, as they are also high in calories!
  • Fish: A lot of protein is found in fish. You will therefore be less hungry between meals thanks to fish.
  • Eggs: If you look for proteins in eggs, you will find them in their white. Eat eggs and you will be less hungry afterwards.
  • Cheese, a good source of protein: Whether as a snack or a meal, cheese is also a good source of protein that cuts hunger. Choose it low in fat for better results on your figure.
  • Yogurt, a good healthy snack: Yogurt calms hunger, also thanks to its proteins. This is a good healthy snack to last until the next meal.
  • Milk and soy: Milk and soy will be good additions to reconcile with our daily diet. Added to meals or as a snack, they will help you feel less hungry.

If you have a craving, eat fruits and vegetables instead of snacking on sweets and other fattening foods. Eat a carrot or an apple for example, it will cut your cravings effectively.

3. Eat well during meals

If you are looking for an effective way to cut the hunger between meals then the following trick is the solution!

To avoid being hungry at any time of the day, take care of eat three good meals very consistent throughout the day. Thus, these 3 meals will decrease your appetite for the rest of the day.

There is no point in skipping breakfast or lunch because you might get very hungry between meals and therefore you might end up snacking even more!

4. Occupy your mind with something else

An effective solution against hunger is to change your mind so that you no longer think about always eating!

So if you’re doing something that really excites you or that you really enjoy, you won’t think to eat. You will be focused and all your attention will be on what you do and love so much. A simple trick to calm hunger easily!

5. Exercise to Control Hunger

Not only will it make you move, but your body will also be called upon to spend a lot of energy.

As it expends this energy, the body is less inclined to crave food. Even after you’ve finished exercising, you won’t feel hungry right away. Your body will need to recover before it feels ready to eat.

In the end, you will be hungry, but you will have a real hunger related to the need for energy. It won’t be a craving as usual!

6. Occupy your mouth with something other than eating

If you are really badly taken and you are very (still) hungry, but you do not want to eat, occupy your mouth with something else!

Here are some ideas to quell that urge to eat:

  • Take a candy or a lozenge.
  • Chew gum.
  • Play with a straw or a toothpick.

This is a good solution to reduce the desire to eat or rather to postpone this desire until dinner.

7. Use appetite suppressants

There are several types of appetite suppressants sold over the counter in pharmacies or health food stores.

Appetite suppressants can actually suppress the appetite and most of these products are generally effective.

Be careful, do not abuse it. So before using an appetite suppressant discuss it with your doctor.

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