How to cut your hair alone at home?

How to cut your hair alone at home?

How to cut your hair at home?

Cutting your own hair is always risky, especially if you don’t have good scissors and a 3-sided mirror. Whether with scissors for the ends or with the trimmer for the neck, it is possible to achieve a good haircut.

Sometimes I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to go to the hairdresser. So here are my best tips for cutting your hair yourself, at home.

1. Good scissors to cut your own hair

To cut your own hair, it is imperative to have very good scissors in hand. The cut should be done easily and smoothly using professional scissors. Don’t be like me, the first time I tried to cut my own hair I used scissors which I also used in the kitchen! ?

If your scissors cut badly or are sticky and messy, they will cut your hair with great difficulty and you risk damaging your hair.

Which scissors to choose to cut your hair?

If you plan to cut your hair regularly or cut your children’s, husband’s or wife’s hair, it might be a good idea to invest in some barber scissors. You will not be disappointed.

2. A mirror to cut your hair alone

Now that you have the right scissors, make sure you also have the right mirror to cut your own hair.

Don’t cut your hair blindly like the majority of busy men and women in this world do. Use one or more mirrors to help you cut the hair properly on the temples and the back of the head.

What mirror to successfully cut your own hair?

The ideal is to have 1 mirror with 3 faces, 360 degrees (a mirror that unfolds in 3 parts). Be sure to choose a mirror of the right size to make it easier to cut your hair. Here is one below, ideal for men who want to cut their hair at home:

3 mirrors

3 mirrors

  • Easy to use and install on a door.
  • Easy to carry when travelling.
  • Ideal for cutting hair and applying make-up.

3. Cut the bangs yourself – Tutorial

Beautiful bangs are pretty, but you still have to get them right and cut them well. If this is a first for you, here are some tips and steps to cut your bangs properly.

  • Choose a good thickness of hair to cut the bangs for the first time.
  • Once the hair and the bangs are well in hand, bring them forward, at eye level.
  • Decide on the length and stick your locks to your forehead just above where you want to cut.
  • Then you just have to cut below the tape to get the right length of hair.

If you prefer, here is another more complete and « pro » method to cut your bangs yourself:

4. Make a gradient yourself – Tutorial

On long hair, the layered cut only needs one snip. This is why it is important to take your time and above all to have good hairdressing scissors so as not to completely miss your haircut!

Here is how to make a nice fringe on long and mid-length hair:

  • Separate your hair into 2 parts by tying the hair from the back part.
  • Take a brush and sweep all your hair from the front part forward, in front of the face.
  • Gather your hair together at eye level cut your desired length of hair.
  • Untie your hair from the back part to admire your gradient.

I recommend cutting your hair a few inches at a time to avoid cutting it too short.

Here is a tutorial that explains another method to achieve a light gradient yourself:

5. Cutting ends and split ends on your own

With the right accessories such as scissors, a comb and a mirror, it is quite possible and easy to cut his ends and split ends.

Cut the forks easily thanks to the rubber bands:

  1. Brush and tie your hair back with several rubber bands.
  2. The last elastic should be about 5 cm higher than the desired length.
  3. Cut the forks and then trim the tips on the sides.

Your hair should be dry and smooth to make it easier to trim the ends. Here is a complete tutorial that explains all the steps necessary to cut the tips yourself:

6. Tips for cutting your own hair properly

I now offer you some tips, tricks and practical advice to help you cut your own hair well at home.

  • Cut your hair when dry: If this is your first time cutting your hair on your own, it’s best to cut your hair when it’s dry, not wet. This will make it easier to keep a certain regularity in the cut. Hair will be flatter and cut better dry than wet.
  • Smooth your hair well before cutting: Cutting your hair when it’s smooth and straight is much easier than it is on frizzy, curly or even wavy hair. So take the time to straighten the hair before trading in that new haircut.
  • Cut a short length to start: Prevention is better than cure when cutting your own hair. So don’t make the mistake of cutting your hair too short, because you might regret it. Rather than going drastic, instead cut inch by inch until you reach your desired hair length.
  • Choose your new haircut well: Before snipping your hair for the first time, make sure you know exactly what haircut and length you want. Look for pictures and ideas of haircuts. It will be easier then to cut your hair by yourself knowing what you really want.

Hope all these tricks will help you cut your hair easily at home, yourself!

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