How to decorate the walls of the kitchen?Here are some decoration ideas:Here are several ideas to dress and enhance the walls of the kitchen:Here are some trendy and current color ideasHere are some « inspiration » ideas to create your own chalkboard paint wall:

How to decorate the walls in the kitchen?

Wall decoration idea for the kitchen

I have always loved renovation and decoration! Since we built our house, the kitchen (but also the living room) remains one of my favorite rooms.

To help you create a unique and practical kitchen, here are several trendy and current ideas to dress and decorate the walls of the kitchen.

The all-white kitchen is still very trendy this year. On the other hand, it’s not always easy to find the right ideas to decorate a white wall, is it?

To keep the chic, rustic and calm style of a white wall, wood as well as white and gold are to be preferred in a kitchen. Here are some decorative ideas:

2. Metal wall decoration to dress up a kitchen wall

Metal is very trendy when it comes to decorating and furnishing homes. I offer below some ideas and photos of wall decorative accessories for the kitchen.

You can also go read and see our storage ideas for lids and pans. You will discover wall ideas to hang and store your lids and utensils in the kitchen.

3. Mosaics, tiles and backsplashes to decorate kitchen walls

A very trendy idea to give a chic, trendy or colorful style to your kitchen is the installation of mosaics and wall tiles.

The white backsplash is always very fashionable in kitchens, but why not dare a little more with a colored mosaic? Here are several ideas to dress up and enhance the walls of the kitchen:

4. Make a herb wall in your kitchen

Personally, I love herbs to cook fresh in the summer! But why settle for growing them in the garden in the summer when you can grow them indoors all year round?

Here are several ideas for growing your herbs indoors and building a herb wall in the kitchen:

5. What color to choose for the kitchen walls?

The choice of color for the walls of the kitchen and the dining room is sometimes difficult to make. If you have a white kitchen then what color should you choose to paint the walls? What color is the trendiest in 2021-2022 for a kitchen?

Here are some trendy and current color ideas for the kitchen and dining room walls this year:

6. A blackboard to dress up the kitchen wall

Chalkboard paint to create a unique and original wall in the kitchen is a great idea! Here are some “inspiration” ideas for creating your own chalkboard paint wall:

To discover all these ideas in detail and a multitude of other decorative ideas to decorate and dress the walls of the kitchen, it’s here:

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