How to deflate from the belly?

How to make the belly deflate quickly?

When you have eaten too much, are bloated, constipated or even just too stressed, it is possible to have a swollen stomach. A very uncomfortable situation to say the least, hence the need to deflate your belly quickly.

For those who are looking for solutions and tips offers you in this article tips to help you lose belly fat.

1. Drink lots of water to deflate the belly

It may seem like a simple trick, but the simple act of drinking plenty of water every day helps to have a less bloated stomach. If you currently practice a diet, or if you want to fight obesity, it is all the more important to drink water.

Indeed a diet often causes water retention which thus causes a swelling of the belly. It is therefore VERY important to drink a minimum of 1.5 to 2 liters of water every day. Water will help you to digest better and therefore to pass stools.

If you don’t particularly like to drink water you can add slices of lemon to give your water a little flavor.

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2. Eat lighter to deflate your belly

How do you manage to deflate your belly if you don’t pay attention to the amount of food you eat at each meal?

Instead of eating big meals and eating too much fat, it is better to eat more often, lighter and in smaller portions. Thus, you will have less difficulty digesting and it will be less hard on the stomach. To achieve this trick more easily, you can, among other things, use smaller plates or simply eat 6 small meal-snacks a day instead of 3 large meals.

Eat slower to complete this trick

If you eat too quickly, you will have difficulty digesting and you will swallow too much air while eating. Your belly will then be more swollen. Also, it is very important to take the time to chew the food you eat. This will make your stomach feel less bloated and full.

3. Avoid eating bread if you often have a swollen stomach

Ok, I agree with you it’s so good bread. What could be better than a good baguette to accompany dinner, a real delight! Unfortunately, bread is responsible for many people’s swollen stomach and bloating.

If you already have difficulty digesting then bread may actually cause your stomach to bloat. So if your goal is to deflate your stomach to find that pretty flat stomach of yesteryear, then it is better to avoid eating bread at all meals.

Do not eat bread to deflate your belly

If you really like bread too much then opt for a cereal bread or better a wholemeal bread which should have less of the swelling effect on the belly and stomach.

4. What to eat to deflate the belly?

To deflate the belly and find a nice flat stomach, it is important to pay attention to your diet. But now, what are the best foods to avoid having a swollen belly?

  • To eat fruits: watermelon, grape, avocado, green apple, tomato, blueberry
  • To eat vegetables: cucumber, green pepper, kale, beetroot, celery
  • Also eat: Greek yogurt, coconut oil, psyllium, ginger, almond
  • Drink: water, green tea, herbal tea, lemonade

Eating fiber to deflate the belly?

By eating fiber every day, you will avoid constipation and have a more regular bowel cycle. An excellent trick to deflate the belly effectively.

5. Foods that make your stomach bloat

Unfortunately, several foods make the belly swell. Here are the foods to avoid if you want to deflate your stomach:

  • Fizzy drinks: Sodas cause air to enter your digestive tract which then causes a much bloated stomach.
  • Beer: just like sodas, beer is often responsible for swelling and bloating of the belly.
  • salty foods: Salt causes water retention. By retaining your water, you will of course have a swollen belly. So if you eat foods that are too salty, you will retain your water and you will have a swollen stomach.
  • Vegetables to avoid: cauliflower, corn, broccoli, onion, garlic
  • Fruits to avoid or eat in moderation: pineapple, prune, banana

Avoid chewing gum

By chewing gum, you bring air into your digestive tract and then you have a more swollen belly. Although it’s not really a food, we thought it was important to mention it to you all the same.

6. Natural product to deflate the belly

If you are still wondering how to deflate the belly then know that there are also natural products to test. Some natural products are indeed very effective in deflating the belly quickly.

  • Black radish against bloating: Black radish in the form of an ampoule is excellent against bloating and promotes digestion. One ampoule a day of black radish and you will soon feel better.
  • Probiotics: Probiotics are excellent for the intestinal flora. With a healthy intestinal flora, we digest better, we avoid bloating and therefore the swollen belly.
  • coconut oil: Coconut oil is a very popular natural product for those who aim for a flat stomach, so why not use it to help deflate the stomach as well.
  • Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar helps to control hunger but also to eliminate water retention.

7. Exercise so you don’t have a bloated stomach

Regardless of the health problem, physical exercise remains a key element in the healing process. So how do you avoid bloating and a bloated stomach if you’re out of shape.

Indeed, physical exercise helps release pressure, evacuate stress and even speed up digestion. It is an excellent natural and free remedy to quickly deflate the lower abdomen.

Go for a walk to deflate the belly

So if you have a swollen belly because you have eaten too much, for example, a good fitness walk can help you digest and therefore deflate your belly. No need to run the marathon or train for hours at the GYM, a simple walk after dinner will benefit you.

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