How to demoss a roof easily?

How to remove moss on the roof? Moss and other green stains may seem harmless at first glance, but they can do a lot of damage to a roof.

Before the tiles are covered with moss, here are some tips and products to properly demoss your roof.

1. What causes moss on a roof?

Before moving on to tips and tricks, it is important to know why there is moss on your roof!

Watch out for humidity!

Moisture is the most likely cause of moss forming on tiles and roofing. Some areas receive significant amounts of water which does nothing to help with this moss problem.

Bad maintenance!

Of course, humidity alone cannot be the only cause. Indeed, in addition to humidity, poor maintenance of the tiles and the roof can cause the premature appearance of this moss, lichen and greenish spots on the roof.

2. Remove the bulk of the foam by hand

Before using a moss removal product for the roof, it is important to remove large pieces of visible moss.

A brush and gloves!

Take a brush with a bucket of water and gloves and remove as much moss as possible from the roof tiles. Of course take all possible precautions to avoid an incident.

Clean the gutters too!

In addition to the roof, it is important to remove moss, tree leaves and other residue from the gutters. Poor maintenance of the gutters can also be the cause of this moss on the roof.

Use a pressure washer!

Once the brushing of the roof is finished rinse the entire surface with a pressure washer to clean and remove the remaining foam from the tiles.

3. Remove and prevent moss with baking soda

A first natural tip to clean, but also prevent the appearance of moss and lichen on a roof is the use of baking soda.

Here’s how to make this defoaming recipe:

  1. Add 6 tablespoons to 2 liters of lukewarm, slightly warm water.
  2. Clean and brush the surface of the roof with this solution and let it act for 30 minutes.
  3. Brush the roof again with a little of this solution again and rinse the tiles.
  4. Repeat as needed if you still see green spots on the roof.

Repeat this operation twice a year to prevent the appearance of moss on the tiles of your roof.

Other tips for removing green deposits:

Whether on a roof, tiles or pavers, I also recommend these other tips and tricks: Anti green deposit and anti moss.

4. A product to prevent moss on a roof

Now that the roof is clean and well cleaned, it is important to protect it with a waterproof product.

This type of product makes it possible to waterproof the roof, but also helps to avoid the formation and attachment of mosses and lichens on the roof tiles.

You can apply this roof waterproofer on:

  • terracotta tiles.
  • slate tiles.
  • concrete tiles.
  • fiber cement sheets.

Roof protection

Roof protection

  • Protects and waterproofs the roof.
  • Extends the life of the roof.
  • Slate tiles, concrete, terracotta, etc.

5. Never use bleach for roof moss removal

Some people still use bleach for various jobs around the house, including moss removal from roof tiles!

However, it is strongly discouraged to use bleach, as it can permanently damage the roof tiles by causing premature deterioration and discoloration.

Instead, use the baking soda trick to remove and prevent moss on tiles the natural way.

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