How to descale a steam generator?

How to remove scale from a steam generator?

If you use tap water to fill your steam generator, you will sooner or later see the appearance of limestone in your appliance. This scale build-up will reduce the capacity of your steam generator by blocking the holes in the soleplate, and obstructing its components as well as the water tank.

In order to protect your steam generator from breakdowns caused by the accumulation of limestone, it will have to be regularly maintained. Here are some tips and tricks to properly descale your steam generator, from the tank to the iron.

1. An anti-limestone for steam generators

As a preventive measure, you can use products that are added directly to the water tank of the steam generator, such as an anti-limescale cleaner.

These products anti limestone prevent the formation of limescale and clean the ducts of steam appliances during use.

By doing so, you will prolong the life of your steam iron and steam cleaner and greatly improve its performance.

10 Trucs offers you below anti-limestone cartridges for irons and steam generators at the best price:

Anti-scale cartridge

Anti-scale cartridge

  • Prevents lime deposits
  • Anti-limescale for iron interior and iron plate
  • Extends the life of the device

2. Thoroughly rinse your steam generator

The easiest way to avoid the accumulation of limescale and other unwanted residues in a steam generator is to get into the habit of rinsing it well after every ten uses.

Rinse with clear, hot water, several times in a row, making sure to shake the tank of the steam station well so that the water can do its job. Then, wipe the inside of the tank with a clean cloth to remove residue.

This is not an in-depth descaling but a cleaning tip to rinse the inside of the steam generator.

You can also use this trick to clean the inside of a steam cleaner or other steam-powered appliances.

3. Descale a steam generator with vinegar

How to descale a steam generator with white vinegar? Did you know that white vinegar is a very good disinfectant but also an all-natural descaler.

For’remove traces of limestone in your steam generator, all you have to do is

  • Add about 100 milliliters of white vinegar to 1 liter of water.
  • Then pour everything into the tank of your power plant that you will turn on.
  • When the water is bubbling, let out a few bursts of steam, then turn off the appliance.
  • Leave for a few hours, then empty the water and rinse the tank well.

It may be necessary to wipe the inside of the tank to remove the last traces of limescale.

For other anti-limestone tips and tricks, read this article: How to remove lime?

4. Clean a steam generator with sparkling water

Indeed, the gas contained in the sparkling water can help you remove lime residue from your steam generator.

  • Choose a slightly carbonated water, and fill the tank of your steam generator to start cleaning.
  • Swirl the water in the tank by shaking it for a few minutes, empty and rinse.

You may need to repeat this operation a few times before removing all the limescale and scale inside the steam generator.

5. Descaling products for steam station

Many manufacturers offer a free dose of descaling product with the purchase of a steam generator. There are also some brands in stores.

They are easy to use, as all you have to do is add some to the water in the tank, turn the unit on, and let out a few bursts of steam when the water is boiling. Afterwards, it will be important to rinse very well.

Although these products are effective, they can have a corrosive effect on the components of the steam generators over time. We then reserve them for annual or biannual maintenance, and we opt for more natural and gentle solutions the rest of the time.

6. To clean your steam generator iron

How to clean the soleplate of a steam generator? It is normal for the soleplate of your steam generator to accumulate scale residues and other dirt, and for these to stain your clothes or linens during ironing. Fortunately, there are products specifically designed to clean the iron of steam generators.

Among other things, you will find sticks on the market that you just have to slide on the soleplate of your iron or your steam generator. They will help dissolve limescale residue and improve your ironing experience. offers you cleaning sticks for the soleplate of your steam generator or your iron at a great price.

7. Other household products to clean the soleplate of a steam iron:

If you don’t have these sticks on hand, There are several ways to clean and descale the soleplate of your steam generator iron:

  • household alcohol: this type of alcohol is commonly used as a cleaning product because it has disinfectant and degreasing properties. Clean the soleplate of your steam generator iron with a clean cloth slightly moistened with household alcohol, then rinse with clear water.
  • hydrogen peroxide: for a completely clean and disinfected iron sole, you can use a little hydrogen peroxide, also known as hydrogen peroxide. With a clean cloth, gently rub the sole then rinse with clear water.
  • more vinegar: dilute white vinegar in hot water, and using a cotton swab, thoroughly clean the holes under the soleplate of the iron. If the soleplate of the iron is very dirty and the holes clogged, soak it in diluted vinegar for a few hours, making sure that the liquid does not exceed the thickness of the soleplate. Vinegar will remove limescale residue while disinfecting.
  • Marseille soap: if the soleplate of your steam generator iron is very dirty, you can rub it with Marseille soap, then wipe it with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Whether it’s the soleplate, the holes or the inside of the iron and the central unit, here are some other cleaning tips to discover: How to clean an iron?

8. Buy a new steam generator!

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