How to destroy a wasp nest?


How to destroy a wasp nest?

Tip to destroy a wasp ni naturally

If you see a lot of wasps near the garden, house or balcony, take a few minutes to check if there is a wasp nest.

Every summer, we see wasps making their nest near our house. Here are some tips for naturally destroying a wasp’s nest.

1. Destroy a small wasp’s nest with the garden hose


The first trick to destroying a wasp nest naturally at home is to use a garden hose with a strong stream of water.

Personally I use the garden hose to destroy all the little wasp nests that form around the house. Be sure to thoroughly destroy and remove all traces of the nest to prevent wasps from returning to nest in the same location.

Also use a product to kill wasps!

When you water the wasp nest, there will definitely be a few wasps coming out of the nest. That’s when you have to use an anti-wasp spray to kill them one by one. For my part, I use a foam spray that traps and kills wasps quickly.

2. Drive the wasps away from the nest to destroy it

Before destroying a wasp’s nest, it is important to drive the wasps as far away from their nest as possible. This is important to avoid being stung by wasps!

Flush wasps from the nest with smoke!

One trick that helps to keep wasps away from their nest naturally is to send smoke towards the nest. You can burn coffee grounds to keep wasps away.

In a saucer or a saucepan resistant to high heat, burn coffee grounds and send the smoke towards the nest to drive away the wasps before destroying their nest.

3. Burn a wasp’s nest…yes or no?


Of course, one solution to destroying a hornet’s nest is to burn it down. But is it really a good idea to burn a wasp’s nest?

Personally, I have never used fire to destroy wasp nests at home. Firstly it can be dangerous for oneself and the environment which surrounds the nest such as the trees. Just imagine for a moment that you lose control and the flames reach branches, trees or worse your house.

The fire may destroy the wasp’s nest, but not kill all the wasps, which will come back to rebuild it later. So opt instead for a safe trick like the garden hose.

4. A professional exterminator to remove a wasp nest

All the tips and tricks offered in this article are only useful and recommended for destroying small wasp nests outside the house.

Protect yourself well before removing a small wasp’s nest!

Even if it is a small wasp’s nest, here are some actions and precautions to take:

  • Destroy the wasp nest at night or very early in the morning when the wasps are least active.
  • Avoid using a flashlight or turning on outdoor lights, as the wasps may panic.
  • Wear clothing and accessories to protect yourself from wasps and stings.
  • Keep your children and pets inside the house safe from wasps.
  • Finally, plan a place to hide from wasps if necessary.

Now how to remove a large wasp nest!

If you need to remove a large wasp nest then it is better to call on a professional (an exterminator) in your area.

This is especially true if you are allergic to wasps! Do not try your luck, quickly contact a professional specialized in the disinsectization of wasps and hornets.

5. Prevent wasps from nesting

Now that you know some practical tips and tricks for destroying wasp nests, it is now important to prevent them!

  • Watch out for food: It is important never to leave food or drinks lying around outside in a glass or a can, for example. Bees are attracted to food, so avoid leaving garbage bags open outside.
  • Check for holes and cracks: Wasps and bees can sneak into holes and cracks in a house. Whether at the level of the exterior walls, the roof or the contours of the windows, these accesses must be caulked and repaired.
  • Install a wasp trap: To prevent wasps from coming to nest near the house this summer, you can install one or more wasp traps. The trap that is suspended in a tree with a sweet bait is the best solution for catching wasps.

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