How to destroy an ant nest on a lawn?

How to destroy an ant nest on a lawn?

Remedy to destroy an ant nest in the garden

An anthill in the garden can quickly deteriorate the appearance of your beautiful green lawn. Fortunately, some tips and tricks exist to kill ant nests.

Boiling water, diatomaceous earth or baking soda, here are my best remedies and recipes for destroying an ant nest naturally.

1. Destroy an ant nest with boiling water

Personally if I see a nest of ants on the lawn I intervene quickly! You must quickly destroy the anthill to avoid taking over your beautiful lawn.

My best remedy for ant nests in the lawn is boiling water!

Destroy an anthill with boiling water

Indeed, flooding an anthill with boiling water is a quick, effective and free trick to kill the entire colony of ants. Here’s how to do this first trick:

  1. Boil water in a large saucepan (a large amount of water is needed to properly kill the ant nest).
  2. Add liquid dish soap to the center of the nest and slowly pour the boiling water over the nest (be careful not to burn yourself).
  3. Repeat as needed a few times if you still see live ants in the lawn.

Thanks to this trick, the ants’ nest will be destroyed from the inside and the ants will die of drowning and burning. It is a really very effective remedy for eliminating an ant nest in the lawn.

2. Kill an ant nest with diatomaceous earth

Have you ever heard of Diatomaceous Earth? There are several variants, but one of them is in the category of insecticides and can therefore be used to naturally destroy an ant nest in the garden.

This is a powdered natural pesticide that can help eliminate an ant nest and repel and kill these unwanted insects:

  • the ants
  • red moths
  • bedbugs
  • lice
  • cockroaches
  • fleas

Here’s how to properly use this product to get rid of an anthill:

  • Add 8 tablespoons of diatomaceous earth to 4 liters of water.
  • Add 8 tablespoons of liquid dish soap and mix well.
  • Pour the solution directly into the center of the nest (make an opening in the center of the nest before pouring the liquid).

Practical tip: If you also want to keep ants away from the house, just sprinkle diatomaceous earth powder in nooks, crevices and along windowsills and doors. This is a really effective ant trap!

diatomaceous earth against ants

diatomaceous earth against ants

  • Natural insect repellent.
  • Eliminates ants, red lice, ticks, fleas, bedbugs, etc.
  • Great for getting rid of ant nests naturally.

3. Talcum powder to destroy an ant nest

Talcum powder with added salt is another home remedy you can use to kill an ant nest in the garden and lawn quickly.

To achieve the complete destruction of the anthill it is necessary to mix its ingredients:

  • 1 cup salt
  • 1 cup talcum powder
  • 2 cups lukewarm water

Once thoroughly mixed, pour the solution around and over the ant nest. Be sure to make an opening in the center of the nest so that the liquid will squeeze into the center of the anthill.

This mixture will stick to the legs of the insects and the ant nest will become all sticky and therefore not viable for the ants. You can repeat this remedy 2 or 3 times, especially if the ant nest is very big and deep to be sure you get rid of it.

4. Kill an anthill with cornstarch

I tested last summer a great trick that allows you to easily kill an anthill with a single ingredient! It is cornstarch, cornstarch.

Super easy and quick to make! Just sprinkle and coat the ant nest with a generous amount of cornstarch.

The ant queen is going to die!

The ants will bring the grains of cornstarch inside the anthill as food causing the death of the ants and in particular of the Queen.

5. Eliminate an ant nest with baking soda

Baking soda can also be used in your fight against ants and their anthill in the lawn.

  1. Mix baking soda with sugar (equal amount for both).
  2. Sprinkle the mixture around the ant nest and along the path the ants take.
  3. The ants will be attracted to the sugar and the baking soda to it, dehydrating them and killing them.

You can also add baking soda to boiling water which you then pour directly into the center of the anthill to kill the ants and the queen hiding inside the nest in the garden.

6. Destroy an anthill naturally with cayenne pepper

Are you interested in a grandmother’s cayenne pepper recipe to quickly destroy an ant nest on your lawn and garden?

Here’s how to pull off this natural trick against ants:

  • Boil 4 cups of water or more depending on the size of the nest to be destroyed.
  • Add cayenne pepper or cayenne powder to the water in good quantity (you can also add very hot sauce).
  • Pour the boiling, irritating mixture directly onto the ant nest, in the center and around the nest.

You can also add coffee grounds to the nest before pouring the solution to make it even more effective as a destroyer.

Also effective for killing ants along walls:

You can also use this solution and keep some in a bottle to then spray in the various places where ants hang out on the terrace and in the house.

7. Infuse tansy and pour over the ant nest

Among the good natural repellents against ants, we can think of the Tansy plant. This plant which can measure more than one meter produces beautiful yellow flowers, ideal in the garden.

But in addition to being pretty, this plant is very repellent against a multitude of insects, including ants.

Here’s how to use this plant to get rid of an anthill:

  • Infuse several tansy leaves and stems in boiling water.
  • Add hot sauce (siracha) or cayenne pepper to the water.
  • Make a hole in the center of the nest and pour the solution to destroy the entire anthill.

You can also store this natural repellent in a bottle and spray ants and other pests around the house directly to kill them.

8. Destroy a large ant nest with black soap

Another natural and effective product for the fight against ants is black soap. Indeed, radical and fast, black soap can eliminate an ant nest effectively.

  1. Heat 4 cups of water in a saucepan and add black soap.
  2. Pour the liquid into the center of the anthill and repeat until the queen and ants are dead.

You can also spray this solution directly on ants inside and outside the house.

9. Kill ants with boric acid

To kill the entire colony of ants in the garden here is an effective recipe to make with boric acid:

  1. Add 8 tablespoons of boric acid to 1 1/2 liters of water.
  2. Pour the mixture over the anthill (make a hole in the center of the nest before pouring the liquid).

Be careful, because borax is dangerous for children and animals. It is therefore extremely important to use borax with great care.

If you notice the presence of one or more mounds on the lawn and in the garden, unfortunately these are ant nests. If you want you get rid of all ants in the lawn then you have to destroy each of the anthills, you have no other choice.

Here are some steps to properly remove ant nests in the lawn:

  • Use a gardening tool, a shovel or a rake to dig and stir the earth at the level of the anthill (be careful, because there can be hundreds and thousands of ants in the nest).
  • Dig and extend several inches all around and under the anthill to be sure to remove everything from the nest.
  • Also add liquid dish soap at the same time to kill ants.

To be sure to completely eliminate the ant nest, finish the trick by pouring boiling water in large quantities. Go read tip #1 for boiling water steps against ants.

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