How to do a complete makeover?

How to do a complete makeover?

How to makeover yourself at home?

Fancy a new hairstyle, new clothes and fashion accessories or a new make-up so why not give your look a complete makeover!?

I propose in this article tips and advice on how to successfully makeover yourself at home.

1. Start a makeover by choosing the right colors

To make a complete makeover, it is important to have the right clothes, the right accessories and especially the right colors that highlight you.

Here are some practical tips for choosing the right colors for your makeover:

  • Not too much color: When choosing your clothes and accessories it is important not to wear too much color at once. Choose a maximum of 3 colors of clothes.
  • Beware of contrasting colors: Indeed, to refine your silhouette and keep a beautiful harmony between the top and the bottom, you must avoid wearing a bottom and a top with strong contrast.
  • No pink and beige: You should avoid choosing pink and beige clothes if you have a very fair complexion, very milky skin.
  • Test different colors: The best way to find the perfect color for a home makeover is to approach clothes of different colors close to the face. You will quickly notice which colors of clothes to favor for your transformation.

Video: Which colors to choose according to its colorimetry?

2. Makeover by choosing the right clothes

To make a complete makeover for women (but also for men) it is important to choose clothes that will harmonize perfectly with your body, your shapes and therefore your morphology.

I won’t go into details, but here it is some tips to help you choose your new clothes:

  • Clothes for small sizes: If you are rather small, you must choose clothes that give the illusion of lengthening your silhouette. Forget very long and loose clothes and especially forget the horizontal patterns.
  • Clothes for curvy women: Do not try to hide your forms be rather proud of it! On the other hand, it is necessary to avoid clothes that are too tight or clothes that are too wide and puffy.
  • Are you rather thin? So there almost all styles of clothing and accessories suit you. The only advice I can give you is to also avoid wearing clothes that are too loose and too tight.
  • Are you very tall? For rather tall women, you should try to break the length of your figure by playing with the color contrast between the top and the bottom.

3. Change hairstyle for a complete makeover

A makeover cannot be complete without a makeover! Whether in terms of cut, hairstyle or even hair color, this is an important step in its makeover.

The hairstyle step is so important that I do not recommend that you cut your own hair. A little trimming here and there to remove split ends, it’s okay to cut your own hair, but for a complete makeover I don’t recommend. ?

How to find the cut and the hairstyle that you need?

Browse magazines, websites or better yet Pinterest and Instagram for different haircuts and hairstyles that you like.

Once you’ve determined the type of cut and hairstyle you like, ask a hairdresser for advice. He is in the best position to advise you and suggest the cut and hairstyle that will suit you best.

Here is a video for women who want choose haircut according to the shape of their face:

4. Makeover yourself with accessories

If you are looking for a way to makeover your look easily and quickly at home then accessories can really help you in this transformation.

Fashion accessories for women to makeover

Here are some accessory ideas to transform your look:

  • wear jewelry: Jewelry can literally transform your look. Don’t hesitate to change the style of jewelry and wear bigger, shinier jewelry, in short, more conspicuous jewelry.
  • wear glasses: Sunglasses or eyeglasses, why not change the frame and style of glasses!? Choose a flashier, bigger, or even differently shaped frame.
  • Wear a scarf: Finally, another accessory that I like to wear personally is the neckerchief or scarf. It’s the perfect accessory to complete your makeover and clothing.

5. Treat yourself to new makeup

Finally, one last tip to complete your makeover is to choose new makeup, new colors, new products. But be careful not to exaggerate, personally I always opt for a natural look and makeup.

A new makeup for a complete makeover

Have you been doing your makeup the same way for years, with the same colors? So why not try new shades, new styles, even new cosmetic brands!

Change the color of your lipstick, add some gloss to your lips, choose a new eyeshadow, buy a new mascara, in short, dare to change your makeup!

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