How to do good business in antiques?

How to do good business in antiques?

Where to find antiques

I’m not a great connoisseur of old furniture and antiques, but I like to find and buy antiques on occasion and especially old wooden furniture.

Here are some tips and advice to help you buy and find antiques and get great deals online!

1. Find antiques in a garage sale

A garage sale is a great way to do good business when it comes to finding and buying old furniture and even antiques.

Browse as many of these garage sales as you can and you might just find some great antiques at low prices, or at least better than at an antique store.

Garage sales in France:

If you live in France then I highly recommend this website: You will find there all the garage sales but also flea markets and flea markets throughout France, Switzerland and Belgium.

2. Find antiques on social media

Social networks and especially Facebook is a great way to find great finds related to antiques and old furniture.

Several BlackMarket-type Facebook groups offer a large selection of old furniture and if you look every day on these private sale groups, you too could find antiques at low prices!

Buy antiques online in Quebec:

For our visitors from Quebec and elsewhere, I recommend that you join this group on Facebook: Antiquities for sale in Quebec at this address:

Buy antiques online in France:

If you are from France then this other private group on Facebook is the solution to learn more about antiques, but also to sell and buy:

3. Check classifieds sites

Another tip for finding and buying inexpensive antiques is to search classified ad sites.

Although I now prefer to search on Facebook groups, sites such as Kijiji, Leboncoin, Paravendu or Lesparticuliers, are excellent sites for doing good business online.

See before you buy!

A word of advice before buying on this type of classified ads, never send money before you have seen the object you want to buy in person. This is also true if you choose Facebook groups or private antique forums.

4. Visit antique shops

If you really want to buy real antiques with a certificate of conformity, then the best solution remains antique dealers and second-hand dealers.

You are certain to have all the necessary information for the purchase of antiques by visiting antique dealers in your area. The only catch is that you will probably pay more, but it could be worth it if you are looking for something very specific for example.

You can also search on Google, there you will find several antique dealers who sell online through their website. A great way to quickly compare various antiques from shop to shop.

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