How to dry your clothes quickly indoors?

How to dry a garment quickly without a dryer?

If you don’t have a dryer or access to an outdoor clothesline, then you have to dry your clothes indoors. In order to properly dry your laundry, there are various accessories that will be useful during the laundry chore and tips to make your clothes dry faster.

10-Trucs offers you today tips and tricks to dry your laundry inside efficiently.

1. Free-standing clothes airer

Practical for those who live in an apartment, the pedestal dryer has several ropes on which we can hang our clothes and other linens, such as towels.

Since it can fold flat, it won’t be too bulky when stored. On the other hand, you must have a room with the necessary floor space to use it to its full capacity. offers you below 2 models of drying racks to dry your clothes both inside and outside on the balcony.

The conventional clothes drying rack found in many homes:

Clothes rack

Clothes rack

  • Indoor and outdoor clothes dryer
  • Foldable and robust stainless steel drying rack
  • TOP quality price

Indoor and modular clothes dryer:

2. The hanging wall-mounted dryer

Can be fixed to the wall of a bathroom, this type of retractable dryer is particularly useful when you have to dry your laundry in an apartment.

The wall-mounted dryer is all the more useful if we don’t have the space to dry clothes on a free-standing dryer.

Most models allow you to dry several small pieces of clothing or household linen. In addition to drying clothes, the wall dryer can even serve as a towel rack.

Wall-mounted clothes dryer

Wall-mounted clothes dryer

  • Large Surface Clothes Dryer
  • Dryer for indoors and outdoors
  • Solid for long term use

3. An indoor clothesline

Outside, there’s nothing better than a clothesline to dry your clothes more quickly and efficiently! So why not use a clothesline to dry your clothes indoors too?

Indeed, this type of clothesline can be installed anywhere in the house, in front of a window or in the bathroom. There are models stretching up to 15 meters, so you have to find a place to fix the rope at both ends.

The advantage of this clothesline is that it allows you to hang larger pieces of clothing and even sheets.

Use a simple, tight rope that you secure with hooks around the house to hang and dry laundry inexpensively.

4. Dry your clothes on hangers

At home or at the hotel, it’s easy to dry your clothes on hangers! Sweaters, jackets, pants or skirts can easily be put on a hanger.

Then just hang them on hooks behind doors or on the shower curtain rod. Once dry, the clothes will already be ready to move into the wardrobe.

Buy a drying rack and laundry rack:

You can also purchase an easy-to-use and easy-to-install clothes dryer and rack in your home. Here is a model that attaches to

  • the stair railing
  • window sills
  • balcony railing
  • the edge of the tub
  • the radiator, etc.

If your shirt is still wrinkled, here are some tips to help you get rid of the creases: How to straighten and iron a shirt?

5. Dry your laundry flat

Some materials, such as wool, can deform when drying on a hanger or on a dryer. It is therefore recommended to dry them flat.

In order to avoid damaging your furniture with the humidity contained in the clothing, it would be preferable to protect it with cotton towels or even absorbent paper.

6. A hair dryer to dry your small clothes

The dry heat created by a hair dryer will be very effective in helping you dry your small clothes such as stockings and underwear.

To avoid burning or damaging your laundry, hold the hair dryer at a distance of about 30 centimeters.

An effective and practical tip for drying small pieces of clothing during a hotel stay, for example.

7. Spin your clothes for efficient drying

To make your clothes dry faster, make sure they have been wrung out after being washed. If you have a washing machine, it may be useful to add an extra spin cycle to remove as much water as possible from your laundry.

If, on the other hand, you wash your clothes by hand, you will then have to wring them well. A trick to make it more effective is to wrap the garment in a towel:

  • Lay out a large towel and lay the garment on it
  • Roll up the towel, with the garment inside, tightly
  • Twist and twist the roll thus created, squeezing hard

This will transfer the water to the towel, allowing your clothes to dry faster afterwards.

If you only have a few pairs of socks and underwear to dry, you could also put them in a salad spinner. The centrifugal force will help remove as much water as possible from your clothes.

To dry properly, clothes need air and space. It is for this reason that it is recommended to use clothespins to hang them on the dryer or on the rope, without bending them.

The more the surface of the garment is in contact with the air, the faster it will dry! Remember to space your clothes well on the dryer.

To avoid distorting your clothes, especially sweaters, sweaters and t-shirts, it is better to hang them from the bottom and not from the shoulders. For pants, be careful to fold them well, respecting the crease. It will also be easier to iron them later.

9. Dry your clothes in the freezer

The cold does not prevent the linen from drying, quite the contrary. If you have a freezer, you can put it to use during laundry chores.

All you have to do is put your clothes in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer until the clothes are dry. All you have to do is iron it the next day to warm it up and eliminate bad wrinkles.

A handy little tip if the dryer doesn’t work!

10. Watch out for moisture when drying!

Without good ventilation in the room where you will dry your laundry, the humidity level could become a problem. Indeed, the humidity will lengthen the drying time, and in the long run, could also create health problems for you.

When possible, open doors and windows wide to circulate air. In the bathroom, it may be worth running the fan, which will blow the moist air outside.

In winter, if it is too cold to open the windows, you can increase the temperature of the heating system because the warm, dry air will help to decrease and remove humidity in the house and your clothes will dry faster.

Use a dehumidifier with dryer option:

Indeed, if you want to avoid having too much humidity in the house when you wash and dry clothes, the dehumidifier may be the solution.

It is important to choose a dehumidifier with the dryer function which allows clothes to dry faster inside.

10-Trucs offers you below a dehumidifier with dryer mode at a great price:

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