How to dye your hair?

How to dye your hair easily?

Both women and men like to dye their hair. Whether changing up your look, slightly sprucing up natural hair color, or hiding gray hair, these hair dyes and colorings will make beautiful hair changes.

I therefore offer you in this article tips and advice for dyeing your hair and choosing the right hair color.

1. Choose the right hair dye and coloring

Depending on what you want, you can choose between coloring shampoos, semi-permanent dyes or permanent dyes.

  • Coloring shampoos will only last a few days. They will disappear from the first washes. These are often used to give highlights.
  • Semi-permanent dyes will last for about 6 or 8 weeks (if you wash your hair every day, semi-permanent color will last about 4 weeks).
  • Permanent dyes they can last even longer because they attach themselves to the hair cuticle while acting in depth.

2. Natural tones to dye your hair

If you do not want too much contrast or too showy a color, then I would suggest a dye with natural tones. So your hair color will look natural and uncolored. Also, the color will stay longer than if you chose, for example, a red dye or another very showy color.

There are a total of 10 main shades (or color tones) that distinguish colorings. These range from lighter to darker.

3. Choose a dye that offers reflections

For a natural effect but at the same time shiny and radiant with health you can choose a hair dye offering reflections.

This will give your hair a beautiful dimension in addition to making it look healthy and full of life. Several dyes sold are of multi-reflective aspects.

You usually have the choice between warm highlights (red, gold, copper) as well as cold highlights (ash and iridescent).

4. A dye that is lighter than its natural color

If you want to refresh your hair color without undergoing too big changes, you can lighten your hair by just one tone.

You will see a difference and it will still be natural and very refreshing! Don’t forget though that you will need a bleach to be able to apply a lighter hair dye.

5. Which color for which type of hair?

Do you really know what type of hair you have? It is indeed important to know your hair type in order to choose the right color and dye.

So take one of your hair and try to see if it is rather thick or rather thin hair. If your hair is rather thick you will need to leave your dye a little longer so that it works well on the hair.

You can get advice from a beauty consultant or directly from your hairdresser to be sure to choose the right color for your hair type.

6. No dye on freshly washed hair

It is recommended not to dye or color the hair when it is too freshly washed.

It is best to wait at least 2 or 3 days to color or dye your hair. In this way the dye will adhere more easily and longer to the hair.

7. The right amount of dye for hair

When you do your hair color at home, you need to make sure you have the right amount of dye on hand.

If you have very thick or very long hair (below the shoulders) you will probably need 2 coloring boxes to color your entire hair.

Better to have too much coloring than not enough!

When coloring your hair always start at the hairline. Here are some important steps for successful coloring:

  • Start at the base of the forehead and then work your way to the other end of the head.
  • Make lines between the strands of hair with your applicator.
  • Once the head is done, you can do your hair lengths.
  • When they are colored as well, you can pull all the hair back together and give the hair a good massage, like when you wash your hair.
  • Then keep your hair in a bun (in a ball) on top of your head and wait the number of minutes indicated on the box.
  • Rinse the hair, apply the conditioner offered with the dye and rinse again.
  • Let air dry for beautiful shiny hair.

9. How long between a perm and a color?

Did you just get a nice perm and don’t know if you can also color your hair?

So yes you can do both, but many will advise you to wait at least a week to do your perm once the color is done. So do the coloring first and a few days later the perm. It will damage your hair less.

Because don’t forget, hair coloring and perms are two hairdressing processes that considerably attack the hair and the scalp.

10. Waiting time between two colorings

It is also important to consider a good waiting time between two colorings so as not to damage and weaken your hair.

We are talking here about 6 to 8 weeks of waiting time on average for a second coloring. If you can it is even better not to exceed 4 hair colors per year.

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