How to eat and cook less fat?

How to eat and cook less fat?

How to cook less fat?

Eating less fat and healthy, it’s possible and easy! It is important for your health to pay attention to your food to avoid eating too much fat.

In this article, I offer you some good tips, recipes and advice for eating and cooking less fat every day. Good recipe!

1. Replace butter to eat less fat

A first tip to cut bad fat from your diet is to cut out or rather replace butter in your recipes.

Indeed, butter is often the #1 ingredient for cooking our favorite desserts and pastries! But what can I substitute for butter?

  • date puree
  • apple compote
  • almond puree
  • zucchini puree
  • mashed banana

Use applesauce instead of butter for your next homemade dessert and baking recipes.

2. Cook food with oil

To continue with butter and cooking food, it is absolutely necessary to avoid adding butter during cooking if you hope to eat less fat.

So when you cook your food in a pan or saucepan opt for olive oil rather than using butter or margarine.

Be careful not to use too much oil, as some are very rich in fatty acids and omega-6, including sunflower and peanut oil.

3. Avoid too fatty sauces

Personally, I love sauces! In fact, I love adding this little sauce that completely enhances the taste of a dish, of a recipe.

Sauces are great for enhancing the flavor of meats, cooked vegetables, pastas, but they can sometimes be very oily.

So to eat less fat, you absolutely have to cut back on sauces or even cook your own “healthier” sauces.

Ah yes, if you like to add mayonnaise everywhere you absolutely have to stop! Mayonnaise is certainly the oiliest sauce… You have been warned!

4. Eat less fat thanks to steam cooking

Another trick that allows you to eat less fat while cooking tasty and healthy meals is steam cooking. In fact, steaming makes it possible to greatly reduce fat when cooking food.

There is a big difference between steaming vegetables and cooking vegetables with butter or oil in a skillet.

More vitamins and minerals!

But in addition to being less fat, you will retain many more vitamins and minerals present in these foods thanks to steam cooking.

5. A cooking pan requiring no fat

If you really want to eliminate any source of extra fat while cooking your food then the non-stick pan is the way to go.

There are skillets that don’t even require butter, margarine, or oil to cook food. These pans are so non-stick that nothing sticks in them!

With a non-stick coating, you will be able to cut through fat while maintaining perfect cooking of your food.

Also use a frying pan with a cracked bottom!

In addition to non-stick coatings, you can also cook meats in a crackle skillet. This type of pan keeps all the cooking fat in the bottom. It is therefore an excellent trick to eat less fat.

6. Choose and eat low-fat foods

How to eat less fat? It’s simple, eat foods that are low in fat!

More and more products are now offered in low-fat versions. Choosing this type of product rather than the original versions (which are more fatty) will allow you to eat much less fat.

What foods are low in fat and calories:

  • plain yogurt
  • asparagus
  • apple compote
  • whole grain bread
  • the cucumber
  • green beans
  • tofu
  • green tea
  • egg whites
  • fresh fruit and frozen fruit
  • olive oils

7. Drink 1% milk to cut fat

If you are a big consumer of milk and you buy 2% or 3.25% milk, for example, you will accumulate fat much faster than you think.

Instead, choose a milk that is lower in fat, such as 1% milk or even skim milk.

Drink water, lots of water

If you like to drink soft drinks or other sodas, you absolutely have to change this bad habit. So drink water instead, lots of water at the rate of 1 to 2 liters of water a day if you can.

If you don’t like to drink water you can add a little lemon juice to give it a little flavor.

8. Eat lean meats

Lean meats are much better than very fatty meats, there’s no doubt about it!

So to eat less fat choose these meats instead:

  • chicken fillet (skinless)
  • turkey cutlet
  • Beef Bourginon
  • roast pork
  • lean beef patty
  • the rabbit

Making good choices about your meat consumption is a good eating habit to adopt in order to eat less fat every day.

9. Eat salads and choose the right dressing

Since food plays a big role when it comes to eating less fat, let’s continue with the salad and dressing!

There is nothing lighter than a good fresh salad to avoid eating fat. You can add all the vegetables, fruits and nuts of your choice, the ones you like the most to spice up your salad.

Choose a light dressing!

Dressings can be very high in fat and calories! This is why it is better to opt for light dressings or even to use only a little olive oil for your salads.

10. Avoid fast food… Way too greasy!

Fast food is usually high in fat and calories. It is necessary at all costs to avoid this kind of greasy food which is harmful to your health.

Keep it to a minimum and if you really do go, go for the healthiest on the menu. For example, change your fries for a salad!

All these tips are excellent for losing weight as you will also discover here: Trick to lose belly fat.

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