How to find earthworms?

How to Catch EarthwormsHow to find and catch earthworms?

When the time comes to go fishing it is important to quickly find earthworms! But where to find earthworms not even in dry and hot weather?

When I was little I liked to go fishing with my father so I discovered some effective tricks to get them out!

So here are 10 tips and tricks for collecting earthworms!

1. Where to find earthworms to go fishing?

If you want to find worms easily then it is best to go worm hunting early in the morning or better at night. Also prefer moist soil if possible and a place with little or no trampling.

Here are some places where worms like to hide:

  • Under large rocks and tree branches on the ground.
  • In the compost bin.
  • In the garden and the vegetable garden.
  • In flowerbeds and mulch.
  • Close to household waste.
  • At the edge of the forest and in shady corners.

2. Bring out the earthworms with mustard

A really very effective solution to get earthworms out of the ground and thus catch them is to use mustard.

  1. Add a glass of mustard to 2 gallons of water (a watering can filled with water).
  2. Mix well and pour the solution over an area of ​​approximately 2 square feet.
  3. After a few minutes the earthworms will come out of the ground and be caught.

3. Wait for the rain to collect earthworms

If you are not in a hurry and can wait for the rain then it is ideal to see the earthworms coming out of the ground and thus catch them easily.

Wait for the end of the rain!

When the rain is over, just go for a walk on the lawn, in the garden or even in the driveway, there you will find tons of small and large earthworms for fishing.

4. Get worms out with a battery

Personally I have never tested this thing but it seems to work well for catching earthworms! Here’s how to do this trick:

  1. Wet the ground where you suspect the presence of earthworms.
  2. Stick two metal pegs (small stems) directly into the wet ground.
  3. Connect them to a battery and wait for the worms to come out of the ground to pick them up.

Vibrations can also be useful for catching earthworms. Here’s how to create vibrations in the ground to get the worms out in very dry weather:

  1. Plant a large wooden stick directly into dry soil.
  2. Rub the top of the stick with a saw, file or electric grinder.
  3. Then catch the earthworms that will come out of the ground to escape from the vibrations.

Of course, if the ground is wet this trick will not work at all!

6. A spade fork to get the earthworms out

As for the previous trick, it is thanks to the vibration that you will be able to pick up the biggest earthworms that are hiding under your feet!

Here’s how to pull off this fisherman trick:

  1. With all your might drive a spade or pitchfork deep into the ground.
  2. With your hands tap and gently knock the handle of the spade for about ten minutes.
  3. You should see earthworms coming out of the ground, as they confuse the vibrations with those of moles.

7. Above all, never use bleach

An old grandmother’s recipe for finding earthworms was to pour bleach directly on the ground… Yes yes directly on the ground!!!

We forget this trick of grandmother!

You can imagine the harm you cause to the environment with this trick in addition to killing and poisoning earthworms and other insects and animals in the soil.

If you are a big fisherman then you know how important it is to always have earthworms on hand!

Raising earthworms with compost!

So the best solution to keep and always have earthworms at home is to incorporate them into the compost. In fact, this technique is called vermiculture or even lumbriculture.

How to practice vermiculture?

To learn in detail the practice of vermiculture, I invite you to read this article on Wikipedia: Vermiculture!

So before you go fishing you take the fork, you lift a little compost and you will find dozens of earthworms there!

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