How to fix a heavy frame to the wall?

How to fix a heavy frame to the wall?

How to hang a heavy painting on the wall?

I love big frames, paintings and imposing mirrors! The problem is when you have to fix them to the wall or worse in placo!

I therefore propose to you today some handy tips and tricks to help you hang a heavy frame or a large mirror on the wall.

1. Hang small frames and paintings on a wall

If you want to hang small frames or paintings that are not too heavy, a simple nail is enough. There is no need to insert a dowel in placo (gypsum wall) if the frame is light.

But be careful to take your measurements when installing, especially if you have several frames to hang to make a large wall of frames, for example.

Here is a video that shows how to take your measurements and how to hang a picture the first time:

If you have to hang a heavy frame or a large mirror on the wall, it is best to use pegs. The anchor is a type of anchor to be inserted into the placo and the gypsum so that the painting is well fixed and does not fall.

Which fixing to choose for a “very” heavy frame?

There are plastic anchors and other models of metal fasteners. Depending on the type of wall, materials and the weight of the painting to be fixed, it will be necessary to buy the right fasteners. For frames, mirrors and paintings, you can buy universal type dowels.

Here is a video that explains very well the different types of dowels and fixings to install a frame, a painting or a shelf on the wall.

3. Hang a frame without making a hole

Did you know that it was possible to hang frames and paintings on the wall without making a hole in the placo? There are indeed adhesive strips (very sticky and strong) to quickly and easily fix a frame or a painting on a wall.

Some of its adhesive strips are designed with hooks, ideal for easily installing a frame or a mirror in the hole.

3M brand fastener products are very popular with Internet users in stores and online.

Adhesive strips for frames, 3M

Adhesive strips for frames, 3M

  • Supports boards up to 1.8 kg.
  • For frames, mirrors, paintings, clocks, etc.
  • Can be installed on painted walls, tiles, wood and metal.

4. Fixings for installing frames and paintings?

If you need nails, screws, dowels, anchors, staples or even other types of adhesive strips, why not buy them online?

You can find absolutely everything online, including all the tools and hardware to hang frames, paintings and mirrors on the wall.

Small or big, heavy or light, here are fixings and anchors to install and securely fix all your paintings and other decorative items to the wall available on Amazon.

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