How to get free samples?

How to get free samples?

Receiving free samples at home is always interesting, isn’t it? First of all because you test products for free, but also because it’s like receiving all kinds of little surprise gifts at Christmas!

Free samples are there for us, so why not? 10-Trucs therefore offers you the best tips, advice and websites where you can win and receive a ton of free samples!

1. Test products for free

Did you know that it is possible to register with certain companies and websites to receive and test products for free? It’s even better than just samples isn’t it!

The Amazon Testers Club

Do you regularly buy products from Amazon? Do you take the time to make constructive and interesting comments to help Internet users? If so, you may be invited by Amazon to participate in the Testers Club.

The testers receive samples or rather free products to test and then comment on the sales platform.

The Canadian Tire Testers Club

For our visitors from Canada and Canadian Tire fans, this store chain also offers an Official Testers Club.

Of course you have to be selected but if you are you will occasionally receive products and gadgets to test directly at home.

2. Earn Free Samples Online!

There are a multitude of sites and portals on the web that offer Internet users the possibility of registering to receive free gifts and samples.

Just run a search on Google or your favorite search engine with the keywords Free Sample Online and you’ll find a ton of sites about it!

It’s an easy, fast, and free way to get access to a ton of samples and branded products at home.

3. Request samples from sellers in stores

Regardless of the type of store, samples are often offered to customers to allow them to try certain products.

Vendors don’t always offer it so don’t be shy about asking them for samples. Whether for cosmetics, food products, perfumeries, several samples can be offered to customers free of charge, just ask.

4. Contact companies directly

Have you ever tried to contact companies and brands directly to receive product samples?

Indeed, you can contact the companies and brands that interest you to ask them for free samples. Depending on the products and the demand, it won’t always work, but very often it will be a success.

Some product categories are easier than others:

  • Perfume samples
  • Samples of beauty products
  • Food product samples
  • Samples of baby products
  • Samples of household products

Indeed, the companies of baby products, food, perfume or aesthetic products are the companies that offer the most free samples. So to get some, first target this kind of companies.

To have personally tested this trick, I recommend that you contact the brands by email. One time out of 2 we received samples for free.

5. Swap samples with friends

We all know someone around us who is into couponing, right? Well these same people often have dozens or even better hundreds of products and free samples at home.

So why don’t you also take advantage of it? The sooner you start, the sooner you rack up free samples of all kinds! You can then gather with other people who share the same hobby to exchange coupons and samples.

This way you will have even more products and you can get rid of those you like less for example.

6. Shop for free samples

Many companies give you samples as gifts when you buy some of their products. This is the case with Avon or Yves Rocher for example. With the purchase of their products, you will often get nice little sample gifts for free.

So before buying this or that other product, check if it offers any reward for the purchase of this product.

7. Join rewards programs

Several companies such as Nestlé offer the opportunity to occasionally have free samples of their products. So do not hesitate to check on the sites of the major brands to see if they have this kind of program.

Also, if you often shop at the same place find out, maybe they too have a reward program. A reward program that rewards their loyal customer, such as you!

8. Participate in tastings!

Don’t forget the in-store tastings! Tastings (such as at the supermarket) are in a way free samples, with the difference that you consume them on the spot! Why deprive yourself of it when it’s free, you might as well take advantage of it! ?

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